[Fixed] No Boot Disk Has Been Detected or The Disk Has Failed

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Key Takeaways:

  • "No boot disk has been detected or the disk has failed" error usually occurs when booting the computer.
  • A wrong boot configuration or a corrupt boot disk may cause the no boot disk has been detected error. 
  • EaseUS will provide six options to fix the error, and you can follow this tutorial. 

HP or Acer users may receive no boot disk has been detected error when booting their PC. The system cannot find the boot information needed to load the operating system. EaseUS will help you analyze the detailed cause and provide possible solutions to boot your computer successfully.

Why No Boot Disk Has Been Detected 

The computer needs to boot up the system by checking the hard drive for boot information and other operational information. No boot disk has been detected or the disk has failed, indicating that the boot information retrieval has failed. The following are some common causes of this error:

  • Faulty or loose hard disk connection
  • Incorrect boot order setting
  • Corrupt boot configuration data
  • Failed hard drive
  • HDD/SSD missing operating system

After understanding the causes of these difficulties, we will continue to show you effective solutions on how to solve the no boot disk has been detected or the disk has failed problem. If you like this passage, click the social buttons below to share it with others in need.


Six Solutions to Fix No Boot Disk Has Been Detected Error

Knowing why the error occurred, you can jump directly to the target solution for error repair. Instead, you can fix the undetected boot disk error through these troubleshooting steps in order:

  1. 1. Check the Hard Disk Connection
  2. 2. Change the Boot Order
  3. 3. Repair the Boot Sector
  4. 4. Check the File System
  5. 5. Run the Automatic Repair
  6. 6. Do A fresh install of Windows

This guide will provide detailed step-by-step instructions for each method:

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1. Check the Hard Disk Connection

To fix the boot error, check the hard drive connection and ensure it is properly connected to your computer. Laptop shaking may cause the connected wires to loose, resulting in undetected boot disk errors. Please be careful when handling it to avoid damaging the hardware.

Step 1. Turn off the computer remove the battery, and remove the HDD from the computer.

Step 2. Clean all ports and cables and reconnect the HDD.

Note: If you do not have professional tools and practical knowledge, it is better to consult a computer person or engineer to help you. 

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2. Change the Boot Order

If the boot disk is not at the top of the boot order, the computer will try to boot from another source. This may also cause the problem of undetected disk errors if the computer cannot find valid boot information. For this case, you can change the computer's boot order in the BIOS as follows:

Step 1. Turn on your computer and enter BIOS by holding F1/F2/F12/Del or another specified key.

Step 2. Select the Boot option from the list of options.

Step 3. Find the computer's boot order and use the arrows to move it up.

change boot order

If this method is not working, please continue to try other fixes.

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3. Repair the Boot Sector

The master boot record is located at the beginning of the bootable hard disk, and it helps your computer boot successfully. A corrupted MBR can also cause the system to fail to recognize the boot information and thus fail to boot your computer. Therefore, you must repair the boot sector. There are two ways that users can repair the boot sector:

Use EaseUS Partition Master to Rebuild MBR

EaseUS Partition Master is a versatile disk management tool. It simplifies the steps of the Windows built-in tool to help you quickly repair the MBR. Creating a WinPE bootable disk makes it possible to easily boot your computer without losing data. If you are not familiar with computer operations, this tool is perfect for you:

Free Download 

Windows 11/10/8/7100% Secure

Free download this powerful tool and rebuild MBR:

Step 1. Create a WinPE bootable disk

  • Launch EaseUS Partition Master, and click "Bootable Media" on the toolbar. Select "Create bootable media".
  • Click "Next" to finish the process.
create a bootable disk

Step 2. Boot EaseUS Partition Master Bootable USB

  • Connect the bootable USB or CD/DVD to your PC. 
  • Press F2 or Del when you restart the computer to enter the BIOS screen. Set and boot your computer from "Removable Devices" or "CD-ROM Drive". And then EaseUS Partition Master will run automatically.

Step 3. Rebuild MBR

  • Click "Toolkit" and choose "Rebuild MBR".

rebuild MBR

  • Select the disk and the type of MBR. Then, click "Rebuild".
rebuild MBR
  • After that, you can see "MBR has been successfully rebuilt on Disk X".
rebuild MBR

If you meet other boot errors, you can use EaseUS Partition Master to fix them:

Use CMD to Rebuild MBR

If you are familiar with computer commands, you should use the Windows Media Creation Tool to create bootable media and then use the command prompt to repair the MBR in the Windows recovery environment:

Step 1. Boot your computer from the Windows bootable installation CD or DVD.

Step 2. Start the command prompt: select Troubleshoot in Choose an option and select Command prompt in Advanced options.

command prompt

Step 3. Enter the following commands in sequence at the command prompt box and press enter:

  • bootrec /fixmbr
  • bootrec /fixboot
  • bootrec /scanos
  • bootrec /rebuildbcd

Please be careful when entering the commands to avoid data loss. You can then reboot your computer to see if the problem with the failed disk has been resolved.

4. Check the File System

If something is wrong with your system hard drive, you may also get a "the disk has failed" error. In this case, you have two ways to detect and fix the file system error on your hard disk. Both ways are based on the same principle as method 3, requiring you to have created bootable media. You can check the file system as follows:

Use EaseUS Partition Master to Check File System

EaseUS Partition Master provides "Check File System" and "Disk Surface Test" to help you find and fix hard disk errors. It is an alternative to Windows commands, but it is simpler and more comprehensive in solving problems. After you create bootable USB  in Method 3, you can open your computer and use the tool directly:

Free Download 

Windows 11/10/8/7100% Secure

Step 1. Right-click the target partition that has a problem.

Step 2. Choose "Advanced" > "Check File System".

Step 3. Confirm if you want to hide the partition or not.

Step 4. In the Check File System window, check the "Try to fix errors if found" option.

Step 5. Click "Start" to check errors on your partition.

In addition, the tool can check hard drive health comprehensively and alert you if there are problems with hard drive performance or temperature.

Run CHKDSK to Check File System

CHKDSK is a method Windows provides to detect and repair file system errors. Similar to method 3, you need to go to the command prompt:

Step 1. Start your computer from a Windows bootable device.

Step 2. Go to Advanced Options and select Command Prompt.

Step 3. Type the command: chkdsk c: /f/R/X and press Enter.


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5. Run the Automatic Repair

You can also run the Automatic Repair/Startup Repair on your system to fix the error that prevents your PC from booting. Before you start, you must also use EaseUS Partition Master or Windows installation media to enter the Windows recovery environment.

Step 1. Boot from the CD/DVD and press any key to continue.

Step 2. Click on Repair your computer and select Troubleshoot.

Step 3. Select Advanced options>Automatic/Start-up Repair.

startup repair

Step 4. Wait for Windows to finish repairing automatically.

6. Do A Fresh Install of Windows

If all solutions are not working, a Windows system may fail. You can fix the error by doing a fresh install of Windows. This method will erase all files, so you can back up important information or copy a partition to another drive before doing a fresh install.

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Six solutions are provided to fix the boot error: "no boot disk has been detected, or the disk has failed" error. Whether using an HP laptop or another computer, you can find solutions to boot problems in this article. Among other things, EaseUS Partition Master provides a quick and easy solution to help you create bootable media and fix the most likely errors. 

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Windows 11/10/8/7100% Secure

FAQs About No Boot Disk Has Been Detected

If you have more questions about this topic, you can check out the simple questions and answers below 1:

1. What should I do if no bootable device shows?

No bootable device is probably because you did not change the boot order. To fix the error, you should change the bootable device first:

Step 1. Restart your computer and enter the BIOS screen.

Step 2. Under the Boot tab, find the hard drive and move it to the top of the boot order.

2. What does no boot disk has been detected mean?

No boot disk has been detected means that your computer will not boot. This could be because your boot disk is corrupt or poorly connected to your computer, and the computer cannot access it to retrieve boot information.

3. Why does "media test failure, check cable" happen?

This error indicates that there is a problem with the PXE of the computer. Problems with your boot sequence configuration, corrupt boot devices, corrupt boot sectors, or power supply problems can all cause this error.

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