How to Fix USB Drive or SD Card Write Protected Error

I have a Canon Powershot and want to return photos to my camera from the computer. But my computer says that the SD card is write-protected. What does write-protected mean? And what can I do to remove the write protection? Can anyone help me? Thanks.

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Roxanne· Answered on Aug 09, 2023

After plugging the SD card into the PC and starting to copy or modify a file & folder, a pop-up window shows you one error saying that the disk is write-protected, remove this write-protection or use another disk. When a write protection error occurs, the message still appears if you click the "Try Again" button below. Due to this situation, you may think that the SD card is not usable and it should be thrown into the dustbin. In fact, it is not so. This disk is still healthy but only in the write-protected state. Write Protection can prevent data from being mistakenly deleted or written to. Therefore, if you want to modify or copy the data from the write-protected device, you need to remove the write protection for the SD card.

So how to remove the write protection for your SD cards? Here are two methods for you.

In fact, some devices like SD cards, USB flash drives, and Pen drives have a physical switch used to lock or unlock your device, but some don't have one. Therefore, you need to check whether there is such a switch on the device and if it is put in write protection mode to prevent accidental writing.

But if your SD card doesn't have the physical switch, you can also consider the second method: EaseUS Partition Master. It is an easy and simple way for users to fix errors. If you want to guarantee a successful operation, you can try this software.

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Step 1. Download EaseUS Partition Master, and install this software.

Step 2. Enter the Toolkit section, and click "Write Protection."

Step 3. Select your write-protected SD card, and click "Disable."

Besides removing the write protection for devices like SD cards or USB flash drives, the EaseUS Partition Master also provides other functions for users, as follows:

In conclusion, I believe it will be helpful for you to solve the error " the SD card is write-protected." Now you can try to remove the write protection for your SD card.

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