How to Remove Write Protection Is on Error for USB Flash Drive

I checked that the diversion did not crash when I started seeing ads, so I first noticed the issue. Then I noticed that no USB flash drive was detected. I rebooted the router, and the USB drive is now detected but showing up as unmounted in the GUI. And I receive a log saying Write Protection Is on. How can I get my USB drive working again? Can anyone help me? Many thanks.

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Roxanne· Answered on Aug 09, 2023

I noticed that your log said "Write Protection Is on" for the device, so your USB flash drive probably won't work. There are several ways to remove your USB flash drive from write protection. Firstly, you can toggle write protection by using a physical switch. Usually, USB flash drives have a write protection switch on their side or bottom. The switch is used to keep the data of your USB flash drive safe from modification or deletion when you have to view them on a public computer. If your USB flash has this switch, move it to the "Unlock" position.

But if your USB flash drive hasn't a physical switch, you can try the second way to change the read-only settings for the device through the computer's operating system.

You can enable or disable read-only mode on your USB flash drive by using the Windows DiskPart command-line utility. Here are some steps for you:

Step 1. Pressing Windows+R, you can open the Run box. Type diskpart and press Enter.

Step 2. When receiving a User Account Control prompt asking for permission to continue, choose Yes.

Step 3. Type list disk and press Enter.

Step 4. Select your USB flash drive with the command of the select disk. If you use disk 1, then you should select disk 1.

Step 5. Use the command attributes disk clear readonly to clear the read-only attribute (making the disk writable).

Step 6. After finishing, type exit to quit the program.

Usually, the above steps will be helpful for you. But if you think it is a bit complex, according to my experience, you can try a third-party tool: EaseUS Partition Master. Removing your USB flash drive from protection with simple clicks is free, safe, and quick.

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Here are some steps for you to remove write protection from your write-protected USB flash drive by using EaseUS Partition Master:

Step 1. Download the EaseUS Partition Master, and install it.

Step 2. Enter the Toolkit section, and click "Write Protection."

Step 2. Select your write-protected USB flash drive, and click "Disable."

Besides the above feature, the EaseUS Partition Master also has other helpful functions as follows:

In brief, EaseUS Partition Master cannot only help you remove the USB flash drive from write protection but also be able to help users fix other issues mentioned above. Therefore, you can have a try. I hope your question will be solved.

Now, you can try to remove your USB flash drive from write protection, and then you will get the USB flash drive working again.

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