Does Factory Reset Remove Admin Password

After almost a year, I pulled out my old gaming PC but can't remember the admin password. I'm considering executing a factory reset because the PC doesn't have any important information. Does doing so mean the admin password is gone? If not, what options do I have?

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Roxanne· Answered on Apr 24, 2024

Yes, a factory reset will remove the Administrator password on your Windows PC. You can factory reset your Windows PC without a password from the login screen or by using Windows installation media. Here is the comprehensive guide:

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However, factory resetting your computer will take a lot of time and cause severe data loss. EaseUS Partition Master Professional would be a better choice. This password removal tool can bypass and remove the Windows Administrator password when locked out. Download this software on a healthy computer and prepare a USB flash drive.

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Step 1: Insert the target USB disk into the computer, launch EaseUS Partition Master after downloading it, and select "Toolkit" > "Password Reset."

Step 2: A little window will open. Click "Create" after thoroughly reading it.

Step 3: Choose the appropriate external mobile hard drive or USB flash drive and hit "Create" once more. Hold out calmly. After generating the USB flash device with a password reset, select "Finish."

Step 4: Remove the password reset USB, put it inside the secured computer, and turn it on again. You will be prompted to replace the boot drive to boot the PC via USB. The system will boot from the USB automatically after it's finished.

Step 5: After restarting EaseUS Partition Master, find it again and select "Password Reset." On the PC, every account will be visible.

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