Can I Create Windows Password Reset ISO?

I am using Windows 10, and I wonder if there is any way to create a Windows password reset ISO? Or, if there are any other ways you can reset your Windows password more straightforwardly, let me know.

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Roxanne· Answered on Jan 31, 2024

You can create a Windows password reset ISO and restore it to a USB or other external hard drive. Then, you can reset Windows login passwords when you are locked out. However, this process is time-consuming and requires basic knowledge of Windows system utilities. Additionally, you should create the Windows password reset tool in advance because it should be finished on a running computer instead of a locked-out one.

Calm down. EaseUS Partition Master Professional designed a "Password Reset" feature that can remove the Windows login password when locked.

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Attention: Prepare an empty USB and a healthy Windows computer. Download EaseUS Partition Master on this running computer.

Step 1. Connect the USB to the prepared computer. Click "Toolkit" > "Password Reset" in the EaseUS Partition Master.

Step 2. Check the pop-up message by choosing "Create."

Step 3. Locate the target USB and click "Create." Click "Finish."

Step 4. Then, connect the password reset USB to the locked computer and reboot. Set the USB as the first boot media and boot from it.

Step 5. Launch EaseUS Partition Master in the WinPE, and open "Password Reset." Select the Windows account you wish to remove and tick "Reset & Unlock."

Step 6. Select "Confirm" when you receive a prompt to remove the Windows password.

If you want to view more information, you can check this comprehensive guide:

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