System Service Exception Stop Code 0x0000003B in Windows 10 [10 Fixes]

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When your PC crashes or fails to work normally, it could result from system service exceptions, including error code 0x0000003B. You may encounter such an error for many reasons, including driver issues, malware attacks, file corruption, etc.

This article will discuss system_service_exception stop code 0x0000003B, outline its causes, and discuss the 10 possible fixes.

Workable Solutions Step-by-step Troubleshooting
1. Run Display Context Record The command displays the registers for every context record. The primary function of this...Full steps
2. Display Stack Backtrace Command This command can also fix bug issues in your Windows computer that...Full steps
3. Identify the Driver Launch "Windows PowerShell" as an administrator. When the Windows Powershell...Full steps
4. Fix MBR Error Boot your PC from a Windows installation media. Press the relevant keys until...Full steps
Other Working Solutions Rebuild BCD > Run Startup Repair > Reset BIOS > Disable Secure Boot...Full steps

What Is SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION with Code 0x0000003B

The system_service_exception error code 0x0000003B is a common stop error on Windows that depicts a fatal crash of your system and makes it unsafe for further operations. Also known as BSOD (blue screen of death), this error occurs following an incorrect configuration of the system file and device drivers.

When encountering this error, your computer may crash and restart, losing all unsaved data. Other common signs of BSOD error 0x0000003B on your computer include periodic freezes, recurrent system crashes, and a sluggish response to any system operations by the user. Also, installing software or hardware incompatible with your system may lead to this error.

error code 0x0000003B

Causes of SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION with 0x0000003B

Several reasons may cause the stop code error 0x0000003B. Below are some of the common causes of system service exception 0x0000003B.

Malware/virus attacks- a malware or virus attack is the major cause of error 0x0000003B on Windows. In most cases, these viruses come attached to downloaded or system files and start affecting the normal running of applications.

Corrupt drivers- drivers help to improve the functioning of hardware and software. However, these drivers may sometimes be outdated or corrupted, leading to stop code errors.

Damaged system files- system files aid in properly functioning your operating systems. If these files get corrupted, they may lead to serious problems on your device.

Memory errors- all the read-write operations on your computer get managed by the primary memory. It's the work of the Random Access Memory (RAM) to determine how programs stored in the hard disk get executed. If the RAM fails to work appropriately, it could lead to many system errors, including stop code 0x0000003B.

Damage to the hard drive- the hard drive houses all the data on your Windows computer. If it gets damaged or fails to work appropriately, it may lead to system_exception_service_code errors.

Corrupted registry- the Windows registry keeps a tab of all the installed applications on your system. If the registry entries get corrupted, you may encounter the system_service_exception error. 

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10 Ways to Fix System Service Exception Stop Code 0x0000003B

If you've faced issues with system_service_exception stop code 0x0000003B, it should not worry you anymore since we have the possible fixes for you. In this section, we'll discuss ten ways to fix this error. Read on to learn the method that could work best for you.

Fix 1. Run Display Context Record Command

Since the system_service_exception error could arise following a bug on your system, running the display content record command may solve things. This command helps display the context record in a given location address and determines the register context. The context record data is insightful in debugging your system by identifying unhandled exceptions.

The command displays the registers for every context record. The primary function of this command is to direct the debugger to apply a given context record in place of a register context. To run the contact record command, you can paste the following debug syntax in Command Prompt:

.cxr /w [Address]

Replace "Address" with the correct system context record address. 

Fix 2. Carry Out Display Stack Backtrace Command

This command can also fix bug issues in your Windows computer that are causing stop code 0x0000003B. It comprises different k commands (k, kb, kc, kd, kp, kP and kv) that help output the stack frame for a specific thread and its associated information. The stack trace content includes stack frame base pointer, function names, and return address.

With the kd and kp commands, you'll have the full parameter displayed once a function gets called in a stack trace. Each parameter's name, data type, and value are displayed. This, therefore, makes it easier for you to determine the functions causing a malfunction in your system. Below is an example of using this command in user and kernel modes.

User-Mode, x86 Processor

enter user mode

Kernel-Mode, x86 Processor 

enter kernel mode

Fix 3. Identify the Driver to Fix 0x0000003B Error

One of the major causes of system_service_exception error is problems with the drivers installed on your system (mostly unassigned drivers). To identify the drivers causing errors on your computer, you'll need to run a driver verify manager and check for all unassigned drivers. Below are the steps to implement this fix.

Step 1. Launch "Windows PowerShell" as an administrator.

Step 2. When the Windows Powershell window opens, type verifier and press Enter.

Step 3. On the dialogue box that opens, select "Create standard settings" and click "Next".

identify the driver to fix error code 0x0000003B

Step 4. Check the "Automatically select unassigned drivers" button and click "Next". The system will verify all the unassigned drivers on your PC and display their list.

identify the driver to fix error code 0x0000003B

Step 5. Once the "Operation completed successfully" message appears, you can exit Windows Powershell and restart your PC to check if it has resolved the issue.

Fix 4. Fix MBR and File System Errors to Fix 0x0000003B Error

When your computer encounters MBR and file system errors, it's likely to face system_service_exception errors, including stop code 0x0000003B. The remedy is to fix the file system errors to come out of this mess. How do you go about that? The steps below outline how to easily fix the errors and solve the BSOD issue.

Step 1. Boot your PC from a Windows installation media.

Step 2. Press the relevant keys until you reach "Windows Setup".

Step 3. Click on the "Repair your computer" option and go to "Advanced options > Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Command Prompt".

enter command prompt

Step 4. Paste the following commands to the Command Prompt window:

chkdsk c: /r

sfc /scannow

fix file system error

Step 5. Once the command has run successfully, close the window, then reboot your device.

Fix 5. Rebuild BCD to Fix Error Code 0x0000003B

To rebuild BCD following error code 0x0000003B, you'll need to access the "Advanced Startup" option on your device settings. Since it's difficult to access these settings when your computer crashes, you can apply an alternative option by restarting your computer 3-4 times. Once you've accessed the advanced startup option, you can apply the following steps:

Step 1. Go to "Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Command Prompt".

Step 2. Next, paste the following commands on the Command Prompt window:

bootrec /fixmbr

bootrec /fixboot

rebuild BCD

Step 3. Once the operation becomes successful, reboot your device.

Fix 6. Run Startup Repair to Fix Code 0x0000003B

Running a startup repair helps solve most startup issues, including system_service_exception stop code 0x0000003B. A Startup Repair scans all the drives on your disk and attempts to fix the possible issues causing your device to malfunction. Once the repair process is complete, there's a high chance that your computer will start normally.

Below are the steps to apply this fix.

Step 1. Launch your computer from a bootable media.

Step 2. Follow the relevant steps until you access "Windows Setup".

Step 3. After selecting your language, click "Next".

Step 4. On the next Window, click "Repair your computer".

repair your computer to fix the error

Step 5. Select the option for "Troubleshoot" and click on "Automatic Repair." If any errors exist in your system, this step could fix them and allow your PC to launch normally. 

Fix 7. Perform a System Restore to Fix Code 0x0000003B

At times, restoring your system helps to curb the malware attack that resulted in error code 0x0000003B. With a system restore, you'll have the opportunity to restore all your previous settings and do away with any changes made by programs installed on your computer. Below are the steps to apply this fix.

Step 1. Open "Advanced options".

Step 2. Go to "Troubleshoot" and select the second option.

Step 3. Click on "System Restore".

perform a system restore

Step 4. Select a valid account for your Windows 10, input your password and select "Continue".

Step 5. Hit the "Next" button.

Step 6. Select "Restore point". This will help in restoring the system_service_exception code error on your PC.

Fix 8. Reset BIOS to Fix System Service Exception Error

When your system malfunctions, restoring the BIOS settings could work the magic. At times, viruses may affect many programs, including your BIOS settings. As easy as it may look, resetting your BIOS could help in fixing things through the following steps:

Step 1. Turn on your computer and press F2 until the "Entering Setup" message displays.

Step 2. Once BIOS opens, you can reset it to factory default by either of the following options depending on the type of your device:

  • Select the button for "Load defaults".
  • Press F9 on your keyboard.
  • Press Alt+F.

reset BIOS

Step 3. Press the Esc key.

Step 4. Select "Save and exit" to save the changes you've made.

Step 5. Press Enter to save all the other changes and exit BIOS. Your computer will restart, and possibly the stop code error 0x0000003B will disappear.

Fix 9. Disable Secure Boot in BIOS to Fix the BDOS Error

"Secure Boot" is a security feature in Windows that helps to safeguard your system against common system_service_exception stop code errors, including 0x0000003B. Therefore, secure boot prevents your computer from starting correctly if this error occurs. A remedy for this is disabling it temporarily in the BIOS settings through the following steps.

Step 1. Restart your Windows computer. 

Step 2. Once the logo for your computer brand displays, press either "F1," "F2," "F10," "F12," "Delete," or "Esc" to access BIOS settings.

Step 3. Once in the BIOS settings, click on the tab for "Security."

Step 4. Navigate to the "Secure Boot" option and disable it.

disable secure boot

Step 5. Save your settings before exiting BIOS. Next, restart your system to check whether the stop code error 0x0000003B has disappeared. 

Fix 10. Reinstall Windows 10 to Fix Windows Stop Code 0x0000003B

Reinstalling your operating system may fix many issues, including malware attacks, file corruption, and driver errors that could have resulted in error 0x0000003B. Here are the steps to reinstall Windows 10:

  • You'll need to create a bootable USB drive or DVD to restore your OS.
  • Next, connect the bootable USB drive or DVD to your computer and power it on.
  • Press the relevant keys to access the Windows installation menu and follow the onscreen instructions to continue the process.
  • Once the Windows installation process completes, restart your PC, and everything should work normally.

reinstall Windows 10

Do you still have problems with solving BSOD stop code 0x0000003B? Please watch the video attached below for more practical ways to fix the error. The main timeliness of the video includes the following:

  • 0.25 Fix MBR and system file.
  • 1.25 Fix BCD error.
  • 2.00 Fix Driver Issue.


From this article, we learn that the main causes of error code 0x0000003B include virus attacks, corrupt drivers, damaged system files, memory errors, corrupted registry, and damaged hard drives. To fix this error, you should aim to address any of these issues.

Since it's difficult to pick out a single fix that can help solve system_service_exception stop code 0x0000003B on your device, you should try out the different options outlined in this article. The fixes vary in their level of complexity and applicability. When your computer encounters BSOD error 0x0000003B, it's common to lose files.

In this situation, we recommend using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard WinPE. This software is easy to get started with and allows you to recover different files, including photos and audio. The software won't overwrite your original files. To start using EaseUS today, ensure you download and install the software on your computer.

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Windows 10 0x0000003B Error FAQs

Below are some common questions about error code 0x0000003B in Windows.

1. How do I fix System Service Exceptions in Windows 11?

To fix system service exception errors in Windows 11, you can try out the following options:

  • Update your Windows 11 OS.
  • Fix corrupted system files.
  • Uninstall recently installed programs.
  • Update drivers.
  • Reset your computer.

2. Is the System Service Exception related to RAM?

This error could result from many reasons, including a failing RAM. Other causes include virus attacks, corrupted registries, and driver errors. To determine whether a RAM issue affects your system, you should run a Windows Memory Diagnostic analysis. If your RAM has issues, you should consider replacing it.

3. How do you fix cannot install Windows 11?

You can fix can't install Windows 11 in many ways, including the following:

  • Unplugging extra hardware.
  • Uninstalling third-party security software.
  • Running Windows updates.
  • Creating enough disk space for OS installation.
  • Checking for errors using Device Manager.
  • Performing a "clean restart" for your PC.

4. Is Windows 11 better than Windows 10?

Compare Windows 11 and Windows 10: Windows 11 is considered an upgrade to Windows 10. It has many new features that seek to bolster performance and make design changes. Since it's also the latest Windows OS version, you should consider upgrading to Windows 11 today.

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