5 Best SSD For Long Term Storage Recommendations in 2024

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Is SSD good for long-term storage? If it is a good option, which SSD is the best SSD storage for a long-term data store? If you are interested in the reasons for SSD use for long-term storage, and you are also looking for the best SSD, you are in the right place. Hope this passage will greatly help you!

Is SSD a Good Option for Long Term Storage?

If you want to use SSD for long-term storage, SSD could be a more reliable option. And the lifespan should be the first factor when choosing to utilize SSD for long-term storage. The following will be the reasons for choosing SSD as long-term storage.

Advantages of SSD

1. Durability and Reliability

SSD has no extra moving parts, so there are no head collisions or other problems. And it will not be affected by magnetic fields. So, it can keep the temperature low and has higher performance.

2. Speed

SSD has a fast start-up speed, and more immediate data transfer speed when running access to large amounts of data.

3. Power and energy efficiency

SSD relies on power requirements, but they have no moving parts, so they require less power to run. As a result, it is very energy efficient to meet the demand for PC.

4. No noise

There are no moving parts in SSD, and it is small and lightweight. So, it doesn't make much noise when SSD is working.

So, the excellent performance of SSD makes it well worth using for long-term storage. However, there also exist some disadvantages of SSD that are worth analyzing. Maybe they are not decisive, but they are worth considering when making the best choice.

Disadvantages of SSD

1. High price

This is the biggest drawback of SSD. Because SSD costs more, the price is often proportional to the number of gigabytes.

2. Difficult recovery

SSD is very dependent on the power supply. If the power supply is unstable or there is a sudden power failure, it may have difficulty in data recovery.

3. Write Speed

SSD takes more time to save data. And if you want to save new data, you need to delete the old data first.  

After comparing the pros and cons of SSD, is SSD good for long-term storage? The answer is yes. Although SSD has some drawbacks, these can be overshadowed by its excellent performance. 

Next, I've compiled a list of the five best SSD. I hope it will provide you with a valuable reference.

What Is the Best SSD Storage for Long Term Data Store?

In this guide, I will recommend the five best SSDs and list their price, capacity, and pros and cons. So, you can check if there is a suitable SSD for you.

1. WD Blue SN570


Western Digital has a wide range of storage devices that can meet many of your storage needs. This one is the third generation of SSD and has upgraded data, and it has upgraded data, which makes it a worthy device to be chosen.

WD Blue SN570 NVMe™ SSD
Price $109.99/1TB
Capacity 250GB-2TB
Pros Impressive 4K random read performance Faster speed
Cons Low AS-SSD program load benchmark score

2. Acer Predator GM7000


The predator GM700 is Acer's first PCI Express 4.0 SSD. It delivers outstanding performance in every way. The read speed reaches 7400MB/s and 6700 MB/s sequential write speeds. It is perfect for gaming storage. And it supports AES encryption and 2TB capacity.

Acer Predator GM7000
Price $109.99/1TB
Capacity 512GB, 1TB, 2TB
Pros 12 nm flagship 8-channel controller Good all-round benchmark performance
Cons Equipped with graphene-embedded foam heat sink

3. Samsung SSD 980


Samsung SSD 980 is a mid-range option from Samsung. It offers five to six times the performance of older SSDs with the SATA interface but at roughly the same cost. And it supports hardware encryption and comes with a five-year warranty.

Samsung SSD 980
Price $119.99/1TB
Capacity 250GB-2TB
Pros Good durability rating for MLC 5-year warranty
Cons Limited to PCI Express 3.0

4. WD Black SN850 NVMe SSD (with heatsink)


SSD requires constant power. That's why WD Black SN580 offers SSD with a heat sink. And the heat sink is up to 7,000 MB/s. You can choose to have it with or without. And the drive can also be installed with PlayStation 5. You can boot programs and copy files. The WD Black has a five-year warranty. It is also well worth the choice.

WD Black SN850 NVMe SSD
Price $279.99/1TB
Capacity 500GB, 1TB, 2TB
Pros RGB lighting High speed
Cons Too expensive, and some low AS-SSD benchmark scores



The 870 QVO is the QLC solid-state drive of Samsung's new second-generation. And it is the first product to offer up to 8TB of storage capacity. It can easily handle photo and video editing. And it provides an excellent price/performance ratio and a three-year warranty.

Price $134.99/1TB
Capacity 1TB, 2TB, 4TB, 8TB
Pros SATA III 6Gb/s interface for fast transfer rates Up to 8TB storage
Cons Less suited to heavy write duty

By comparing the best five SSD, we can conclude that:

  • Best gaming SSD: Acer Predator GM7000: 7400MB/s read speed and 6700 MB/s write speed
  • Best budget SSD: WD Blue SN570 NVMe™ SSD: $109.99/TB
  • Best capacity SSD: SAMSUNG 870 QVO SATA: Up to 8TB
  • Best value for money: Samsung SSD 980: 
  • Best performance SSD: WD Black SN850 NVMe SSD (with heatsink)

SSDs are suitable for long-term storage. Each SSD has advantages and disadvantages, so think carefully when choosing one. And no matter which SSD you select, you must remember to back it up. Next, I will recommend one of the best backup software.

How to Backup Data to SSD for Long Term Storage

EaseUS Todo Backup Home is the best software for data backup and restore. You can use it to backup your files, folders, and systems, and you can also do disk backup and partition backup. It is also easy to operate backup as well as you download it. And next is the simple steps of EaseUS Todo Backup.

EaseUS Todo Backup can also supports system clone and system images. Here are the other features of EaseUS Todo Backup: 

HDD vs. SSD for Long Term Storage

HDD refers to "hard disk drive," while SSD refers to "Solid State Drive", both are two popular data storage. People are usually torn between them. So, let's make a comparison of them, and you can choose according to your needs.

1. Construction

HDD is a mechanized structure consisting of a magnetic sheet, rotating motor, mechanical probe, etc. Whereas SSD has no mechanical part, its flash memory particles are soldered to the circuit board composition. So, HDD does not drop resistant, and its parts may break easily, while SSD is shock resistant and will last longer.

2. Write performance

The write performance of HDD can only reach 50-120MB/s, while SSD saturates the SATA bus with 550MB/s. So, SSD may be ten times better than HDD in terms of performance.

3. Write and erase cycles

SSD has a limited number of cycles. And HHD can withstand 1 to 5 million write cycles while SSD averages 100,000 cycles. With HDD, you can repeatedly erase and re-write

So, compared with HDD, SSD is more suitable for long-term storage. SSD is more durable than HDD and has better performance. Although it is expensive, the gap is now closing. And the benefits of SSD have outweighed the cost.


This guide provides reasons to choose SSD for long-term storage, as well as recommendations for five of the best SSD products. Whatever you choose, make sure you remember to back up your data!

FAQs About Best SSD for Long Term Storage

The five best SSD have been recommended above, and there are some other questions that are frequently asked.

1. Can SSDs last ten years?

Usually, a modern SSD can be used for up to 5 years. And if you choose a better SSD and keep your SSD healthy, it has a chance to last for ten years.

2. How do I keep my SSD healthy?

There are three tips you need to remember for keeping your SSD healthy: 1. Avoid Extreme Temperatures 2. Avoid Power Outages 3. Don't Completely Fill Your SSD With Data

3. Which SSD is long lasting?

In terms of the brand, Samsung is the best choice for a long lifespan. And it also offers a 5-year warranty. And there are more details about SSD. Again, you can look at the guide.

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