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Jane is an experienced editor for EaseUS focused on tech blog writing. Familiar with all kinds of video editing and screen recording software on the market, she specializes in composing posts about recording and editing videos. All the topics she chooses are aimed at providing more instructive information to users.

Jane has worked in EaseUS company as a technical writer since she graduated from university. She specializes in the multimedia industry like video editing, screen recording, etc., and so far, she has composed 200+ articles to provide instructive information that helps users solve lots of problems.
As an English major student, Jane excelled in the study and got her B.A. degree in XHU. She has a strong interest in writing and spent lots of time in improving her writing skills in university. She has participated in many writing competitions and often got awards since college.
In spare time, Jane likes watching movies and American series, and she is fan of Friends and Desperate Housewives. Also, she enjoys photography and has taken many pictures while travelling.

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How to Record TF2 (Team Fortress 2) Gameplay

Increasingly users want to capture their gameplay and to show their shooting skills to friends and teammates. There are various screen recorders on the market that allow you to easily capture your gameplay on TF2. This guide shows 3 of the appropriate applications, providing high-quality gameplay capturing – EaseUS RecExperts, OBS Studio, and Bandicam.

Jane Zhou   |   Apr 23, 2021

Top 10 Screen Recorder Free Download Full Version in 2021

If you are looking to download some of the best screen recorder free and full versions, here we list some of the best ones that you can grab and use on your computers. These work on both Windows and Mac machines.

Jane Zhou   |   Apr 23, 2021

Top 12 Best Free Video Recording Software on Windows/Mac

What is the best free video recording software for Mac and Windows PC? How can I record a video on Windows 10 for free? Read this post and select the top free video recording software that makes video capture for YouTube easy.

Jane Zhou   |   Apr 23, 2021

[2021] How to Record a Webinar on Windows and Mac Easily

If you, as a participant, want to learn how to record a webinar for your reference later, or to share the content with others, you have come to the right place. This article will present advice on how to record a webinar on Windows 10 and Mac computers, as well as using one of the popular platform Zoom.

Jane Zhou   |   Apr 23, 2021

Best 14 Webcam Recording Software - Windows & Mac

Are you searching for free webcam recording software that can work best with you? You will find the top 14 latest and the most advanced recorder for Windows, Mac, and even online users on this page. With these free webcam recorder tools, you can do the job perfectly.

Jane Zhou   |   Apr 23, 2021

Top 7 Popular Screen Capture and Editing Software

Here we list seven best screen and editing software that is pupolar among Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices. You can use the screen capture and edit the video recordings with annotations, transitions, zoom effects, fade in and face out effects.

Jane Zhou   |   Apr 23, 2021

Top 16 Game Recording Software for Windows PC

What is the best game recording software? What is the best free gaming recording software for PC? To save your time, we will introduce you the top 16 best game recording software, including free and paid. Try them now.

Jane Zhou   |   Apr 23, 2021

2021 | Top 11 Best AVI Joiner to Merge AVI Files

There is a lot of AVI joiner software available on the market. But how do you know which one will be best for you? Read this article to know about the 11 best free AVI joiners. With the help of these tools, you can easily merge AVI videos anytime you want.

Jane Zhou   |   Apr 22, 2021

How to Convert TS to MP4 Without Losing Quality

How to convert TS to MP4 with ease? This post will offer you 7 efficient and reliable converters to convert TS to MP4 on Windows 10 PC, Mac, online, iPhone, and Android.

Jane Zhou   |   Apr 22, 2021

How to Convert JPG to GIF Without Losing Quality | 6 Ways

GIF is like a silent video. It is much livelier than a still picture. Thus, many people want to convert an ordinary JPG into GIF. Due to this demand, in this article, we introduce nine useful ways to help people convert JPG to GIF format. You can choose one way based on the system you use.

Jane Zhou   |   Apr 22, 2021

5 Free Solutions to Record Google Earth on Windows/Mac/Online

How to record Google Earth video for free? This post will share with you 5 reliable solutions to capture video from Google Earth with high-quality in the easiest way. If you want to create a Google Earth zoom-in video but don't know how to do that, you can follow the guides in this post.

Jane Zhou   |   Apr 22, 2021

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