What Size USB is Needed for Windows 10 Recovery?

I want to create a Windows 10 recovery USB, but I am not sure about how to choose the USB size for Windows 10 recovery. Can anyone explain it? Thanks in advance!

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Jane Zhou· Answered on Jan 17, 2023

Microsoft recommends that you need to use a UBS that is at 16 gigabytes to create a recovery drive.

However, the actual required size of the USB might depend on the situation of your computer and your personal needs. Because a recovery USB stores a copied image of your Windows 10 environment, which might be affected by many factors, like the operating system updates, language packs installed, etc. The creation might fail if there is not enough space to store the Windows 10 image. Below are some common situations you can refer to:

  • If you make a basic recovery USB without the system files, your USB should be at least 512MB.
  • If it contains some Windows system files, the size of the USB should be at least 16GB.
  • If your computer runs a 32-bit Windows operating system, it requires a 16GB USB. For a 64-bit one, you'd better choose a 20 GB or a larger USB.

After learning the best size for Windows 10 recovery USB, you can start creating Windows 10 recovery with the built-in tool. However, it will take a lot longer. Suppose you want to finish the task quickly and easily. In that case, you can use a professional backup and recovery software - EaseUS Todo Backup, which helps you make a Windows 10 recovery in seconds!

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