What's the Difference Between Cloning and Migrating OS?

If I clone my HDD to another Hdd, the 2 HDD have the same files, right? How about migrating? I really don't know what will happen, if I choose to migrate OS, as I'm building a new PC (all new components, including HDD and SSD). Can anyone answer my question?

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Jane Zhou· Answered on Jan 15, 2023

There is a slight difference between Cloning and migrating OS:

Cloning is a bit for bit copy of one drive to another, and it would be an exact copy of the HDD with all programs files still intact.

Migrate is sort of the same. However, it does not really care about the exact bits. 

As you can see, although clinging and migrating are similar, they still differ from each other. For a better experience, we recommend cloning instead of migrating if you want to copy your OS. There are many OS clinging software you can choose from on the market,  and one of the best and most popular cloning software is EaseUS Disk Copy.

This software enables you to clone your operating system to another HDD or SSD without a data lose, which means you don't need to reinstall operating system and all applications. In addition to that, this clone software also performs perfectly in the following aspects:

  • Let you Clone OS from HDD to smaller SSD
  • Help make a complete backup of the source disk with a few simple clicks
  • Support cloning various sources, like disks, systems, and partitions

To conclude, you can clone almost anything with this excellent clone software - EaseUS Disk Copy.

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