How to Clone M.2 SSD with Acronis

People all say that Acronis performs professionally in disk cloning, and I download it to clone my M.2 SSD. But I don't know how to use it, can anyone help me out?

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Jane Zhou· Answered on Feb 22, 2023

Below is a detailed tutorial about how to clone M.2 SSD with Acronis:

Step 1. Launch Acronis True Images, and click Tools > Clone disk. Next, choose the Automatic mode to have your old disk's partition automatically, and select your old hard disk.

Step 2. Select the new hard disk and hit Next. If the destination disk is partitioned, click OK. Then, you can click Proceed to start the cloning task.

Step 3. If you are cloning a disk with the currently active operating system, you can press Reboot to continue cloning.

Step 4. When it completes, you can press any key to shut down the computer and remove one of the hard drives.

That's the whole procedure. Like Acronis True Image, EaseUS Disk Copy can also help users clone hard drives, migrate data from one PC to another quickly, and even create a local backup of their hard drives. It's worth mentioning that this software provides a sector-by-sector clone feature that can clone HDD or SSD with bad sectors to another disk. When detecting the bad sector from the source disk, it will skip the bad sector and continue the rest automatically. And most disk cloning software cannot make it. It is a great alternative to Acronis.

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