Can I Use a Bootable USB for Storage?

I have made a bootable USB, and I still want to use it for storage. However, I am not sure if I can use the bootable USB for storage. Can anybody give me any advice? Thank you.

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Jane Zhou· Answered on Jan 17, 2023

The answer is YES! You can use a bootable USB for storage.

A bootbale USB is almost formatted as Fat32, and there is an individual file size limit of 4 GB for a Fat32 partition. A bootable Fat32 USB will be a maximum of 32GB, so if your USB is larger than 32GB, you can use the unallocated space for files storage according to your needs.

However, to ensure it is safe to add regular files to an already existing drive, you cannot overwrite an existing file. The safest way is to make a new folder and put your files here to use the bootable USB for storage. Keep in mind that you need make sure keep the regular files well away from the required boot files. 

Creating a bootable USB seems a little difficult if you inadvertenly formatted your bootable USB drive for storage. If it happens, you can get help from a professional software called EaseUS Todo Backup. This software allows you to create a bootable USB, CD/DVD, and ISO image within a few simple steps.

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