Can't Convert Hard Drive From MBR to GPT, Help

I have an 8TB HDD that stores my videos and other large media. Unfortunately, when I first installed this hard drive, I mistakenly installed it as MBR instead of GPT. Therefore, I have only been able to use 2TB out of the 8TB total. I recently removed and wiped all the files I needed off my HDD, but now I can't convert them from MBR to GPT in Disk Management. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Sherly· Answered on Jul 31, 2023

From what you have said, I can learn that you can't convert a hard drive from MBR to GPT because of some reasons. As disk management can only convert an empty non-system disk file, therefore, before converting MBR to GPT, you need to delete all the partitions on the HDD before starting the MBR to GPT conversion. The conversion option from MBR to GPT in disk management will no longer be grayed out when you remove all partitions.

Therefore, there are some ways for you to fix your problem. The first way is to use disk management. However, in this way, you need to delete all your partitions on your HDD. If you do not delete your partitions on your HDD, you can refer to the second way below. Hers are some steps for you as follows:

Step 1. Go to the Manage option in This PC and choose Disk Management.

Step 2. Open the target MBR disk and select each partition. Select Delete Volume.

Step 3. Choose OK to confirm the volume deletion.

Step 4. Repeat steps two and step three until all the different disk volumes are deleted.

Step 5. The whole disk should display as unallocated after deleting different disk volumes. Then, right-click on the MBR disk and select Convert to a GPT disk.

Step 6. Close the disk management option once the disk conversion process is complete.

The above are the steps for you to convert your HDD from MBR to GPT. But in this way, you will lose all your data by deleting all your partitions on the HDD. There is another way for you to choose, and it can help you fix your issue without losing any data in a quick and simple way. It is to rely on a third-party software: EaseUS Partition Master. So you can try this software.

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Here are some steps for you to follow:

Step 1. Download EaseUS Partition Master on your computer and launch it.

Step 2. Go to Disk Converter, choose the option Convert MBR to GPT, and click Next to continue.

Step 3. Choose the target MBR disk that you tend to convert to GPT, and click Convert to start the conversion.

Just needs the above simple steps, and you will successfully convert your HDD from MBR to GPT. In fact, besides the above function, the EaseUS Partition Master can also provide other functions for users, and you can learn about them as follows:

In a word, as a good MBR to GPT converter, EaseUS Partition Master can help you convert your HDD from MBR to GPT. Moreover, it can also convert other disks like SSD from MBR to GPT or from GPT to MBR. Briefly, it is a better option than disk management. You can try this software to solve your problem.

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