What Are MBR, GPT, and EFI Partitions? I Need Details

I have always seen the MBR, GPT, and EFI partitions on the internet. It seems everyone is talking about them. Especially the passage with partitions will mention them a lot. I need someone who can introduce the three new things to me. Thanks in advance.

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Roxanne· Answered on Jul 31, 2023

To make you better understand the three different conceptions, I will provide background knowledge about MBR, GPT, and EFI system partition. Since MBR and GPT are often compared, the next section will put the two partitions together to explain.


MBR contains the master boot code, the disk partition table, and the boot signature, and it works as a loader for the installed operating system. Regarded as MBR's successor, GPT forms part of the UEFI standard and can be used as the standard for the layout of SSD or HDD partition tables. MBR can only support less than 2 TB capacity, and GPT allows storage capacity larger than 3 TB. As for Compatible Windows OS, MBR can be compatible with 8/7/XP/vista and 32-bit Windows 10/8.1. GPT is more suitable for newer versions, including Windows 10/8.1/7/XP/Vista. MBR is limited to having four primary partitions, while GPT can have 128 primary partitions.

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If you want to convert between MBR and GPT without deleting data, I can offer you an effective and safe way - EaseUS Partition Master, which developed a powerful tool to convert the partition style of the disk with simple steps.

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Follow the easy steps to convert the partition scheme using EaseUS Partition Master:

Step 1. Fully back up your whole disk for unexpected data loss and subsequent recovery.

Step 2. Go to EaseUS Partition Master after the installation of it.

Step 3. Use the "Disk Converter" tool on the left panel, choose the right option, and select "Next."

Step 4. Click the target MBR/GPT disk, and tap the "Convert" button to begin the process.

After reviewing the above information, I believe you have learned the basic information about the MBR and GPT. Continue to read and learn what is EFI system partition.

EFI system partition

The Extensible Firmware Interface system partition is a hidden storage space on Windows PC, which computers use with the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface. When you boot the computer, UEFI firmware will load files stored on the ESP to install operating systems, data files, and various utilities. If you are looking for further information about the EFI system partition, click the link and learn:

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