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MSI is one of the best laptop brands worldwide. It makes some of the best gaming laptops available on the market, and its business laptops are pretty impressive, too. The boot menu is an important feature of your computer. This article from EaseUS will describe what the MSI boot menu is and how to access it. Hurry up and learn.

What Is MSI Boot Menu

The MSI boot menu, also known as the startup menu, is a menu that holds responsibility for booting your computer. The MSI boot menu is essentially the Advanced boot options menu. By default, you do not see it when you usually boot your computer. But if you are careful, you can find a prompt on your computer screen that tells you which button to press for easy access to the boot menu.

msi boot menu

When you experience startup or operation problems on MSI computers, you can use the boot menu to access Startup Settings, BIOS, Safe Mode, and many other startup methods to help you access and repair Windows.

Tips to Access MSI Boot Menu

The boot menu is related to the computer booting process. The following describes how to boot: To confirm that the hardware is prepared, POST first detects the peripherals and devices; Then, the computer accesses the BIOS firmware, chooses which boot device should be used as its top priority, and reads the selected boot device to launch the operating system.

But sometimes, you need to open the boot menu and change the boot order. This is because your computer might not boot into the operating system, or you need to change the boot device. At this time, you need to access the MSI boot menu.

To access the MSI boot menu, you have 2 choices:

  • Way 1. Press and hold F11 to access the MSI boot menu when the computer turns on and choose the boot device.
  • Way 2. Access the BIOS menu by holding the BIOS key - Del when your computer turns on, select Boot > Boot mode and then choose LEGACY+UEFI & UEFI; select Boot Option#1 to select UEFI HARD DISK or HARD DISK; and finally, select UEFI Hard disk Driver BBS Priority or Hard disk driver BBS Priority to designate Boot Option#1 as the boot device.

By following the 2 methods above, you can enter the MSI boot menu. You may also like the following topic:

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What If You Cannot Access MSI Boot Menu

Generally speaking, it's easy to access the MSI BIOS or boot menu. However, some claim they cannot access the MSI BIOS or boot menu. There are three ways you can handle this situation.

Way 1. Use a PS/2 Keyboard

An MSI motherboard user provides this method. He claimed that USB keyboards have an issue because the computer does not recognize them until the OS loads. The MSI boot menu key and MSI BIOS key are inoperable.

To resolve this issue, you only need to swap from the current USB keyboard to the PS/2 keyboard. You can use this technique if you have a PS/2 keyboard. If you don't have one of those keyboards, try the methods below.

Way 2. Enter UEFI Firmware Settings

Use this method if your PC won't boot into Windows. Please refer to the steps below:

Step 1. Turn on and off your computer 3 times to enter Windows Recovery Environment.

Step 2. Go to Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > UEFI Firmware Settings.

UEFI Firmware Settings

Step 3. To access BIOS and modify UEFI settings, click Restart.

Way 3. Turn Off Fast Startup

If you can boot into Windows, apply this method. Perform the steps below:

Step 1. Open Control Panel.

Step 2. Head for System and Security > Power Options > Choose what power buttons do.

Step 3. Uncheck the Turn on fast startup option by clicking Change settings that are currently unavailable, and then click Save changes.

turn off fast startup

If you can't enter the MSI boot menu, you can use the methods above to help you get into the boot menu.

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Concluding Thoughts

What is the MSI boot menu? Have you gotten your answer now? After reading this post, you can learn what the boot menu of an MSI laptop is, how to access MSI boot menus, and what to do if you cannot access the MSI boot menu. Sincerely hope you can get what you want in this article when you search on the Internet.

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