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Dell is a renowned laptop maker in the world, and its laptops, such as Dell XPS 13 OLED, Dell XPS 13 Plus, Dell Alienware M16, and Dell Latitude 7320, are welcomed by computer users. In this article from EaseUS, you can learn about the Dell Boot Menu and how to use it to cope with Startup issues. Let's begin.

What Is Dell Laptop Boot Menu

The Dell boot menu (startup menu), responsible for booting your computer, is a menu that pops up when a Dell PC boots up for the first time. It may contain a variety of boot choices, including a CD, DVD, LAN, USB flash drive, or hard disc (network).

boot menu

The Dell boot menu includes many options: system information, boot device options, BIOS settings, Safe Mode, etc. These options are practical when you have special needs or have a problem that needs to be solved by altering the settings in the boot menu. It can help you access and repair your Dell computer running a Windows operating system.

How to Enter Dell Boot Menu

As mentioned above, the Dell boot menu can help you fix the startup issues and repair your computer, so you need to enter the Dell boot menu first. But how to get into the Dell boot menu?

The Dell boot menu key is F2 or F12. Therefore, you can access the boot menu of Dell laptops and desktops by pressing the F2 or F12 key. Nevertheless, the Dell boot menu key or BIOS key for some old-fashioned Dell computers is somewhat different. It can be Del or a combination of Ctrl+Alt+Enter, Fn+Esc, and Fn+F1.

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How to Access Dell BIOS

The BIOS is part of the Dell boot menu. You can change the boot order and settings for BIOS-related functions in the BIOS Settings menu. The Dell BIOS key most frequently pressed to access the BIOS is F2. The following is how to access Dell BIOS.

Step 1. Turn on your Dell computer.

Step 2. Press the F2 key for several times at the Dell logo screen until you access the BIOS or System Setup.

press F2 key for several times at the Dell logo screen

Step 3. Alternatively, you can repeatedly press the F12 key until the One Time Boot Menu appears, then choose BIOS Setup or System Setup from the menu.

press F12 key until the One Time Boot Menu appears

There are some articles related to BIOS. If you have similar problems, you can read to learn how to get rid of the issues.

Use Dell Boot Menu for Startup Issues

After you enter the Dell boot menu, you can use it to help fix some startup-related issues. If the system initialization does not skip past the Dell startup screen, you can hit the F2 or F12 key to access the Dell boot menu. To fix that, you can also follow the instructions below:

Note: You will need Windows boot media or Windows installation media.

Step 1. Insert the bootable or installation media into a USB port.

Step 2. Turn off your computer. As soon as the Dell logo appears on the screen after turning on the computer, swiftly press the F12 key until the Preparing one time boot menu appears.

Step 3. Under UEFI BOOT in the boot menu, choose the USB or DVD device that best fits your media type.

Step 4. Click Next and choose Repair your machine when it boots to the media.

Step 5. Select Advanced options under Troubleshoot.

Windows should immediately open the Advanced starting settings panel the next time it starts up if it experiences one or more starting issues.

You should click on the power icon in the lower right corner of the screen if you can get to the system login screen. Click the restart icon while still holding down the Shift key. Then select Advanced options by clicking Troubleshoot.

Enter settings in the search bar to launch the Settings application if you can occasionally access the system desktop. Then you ought to pick the Update & Security category. Select Recovery from the left menu after that. Hit the Restart now button on the right side of the screen under Advanced Startup.

Your computer will restart and enter the Options window. Then, tap Troubleshoot and click Advanced options.

To Wrap Things Up

What is the Dell boot menu? Have you got your answer now? After reading this post, you can learn what the Dell laptop boot menu is and how to enter the boot menu of a Dell laptop. If you have problems with the Dell boot menu, hopefully, you can find what you want in this article offered by EaseUS.

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