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Where Do Deleted Text Messages Go on iPhone [Text Message Recovery Tips]

Updated by Cedric on Jul 20, 2023
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Whether you are someone who is deleting messaging on their iPhone all the time or you struggle to find enough storage space every single day, you want to know how to handle those deleted messages. If you want to find out where all of your deleted iPhone messages go, I go along and read our article and see where all of your deleted data can be found.

Workable Solutions Step-by-step Troubleshooting
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Restore Text Messages with iCloud Backup Open iCloud settings > open your iCloud profile > click on iCloud backup and see if your data...Full steps
Restore Text Messages with Your Mac Disable the Find My iPhone option on your device > connect your phone to your Mac computer through a compatible USB. Click on the Hard disc icon...Full steps

Where Do Deleted Text Messages Go on iPhone

If you are a loyal iPhone user, you might've had quite a few struggles with all of the messages on your phone. However, you have probably also realized that deleted messages on your iPhone devices don't disappear immediately and that you will be able to find them for some more time.

All of the messages you have ever sent or received through your iPhone were first sent to the network provider who will store them.

There isn't a person who hasn't tried to delete a message before, so you have probably seen that the moment you choose to delete them, you will first see the "deleted" sign next to them, which will send a signal to the iPhone database.

Even though this sign will stay next to your deleted messages, it still means that those messages are temporarily moved to the memory of your device that is not easily accessible. Nevertheless, this doesn't mean that the message will stay there forever, and once the network provider has started deleting all the messages with this sign, yours will be removed for good.

No one knows how long it will take the provider to delete the messages, so you can never be sure whether they will disappear after 24 hours or 24 months.

How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on iPhone Without Backup

If you, for some reason, need the deleted messages on your iPhone device, it is essential to know that not everything is lost, and there is a way you can retrieve some of your deleted messages.

EaseUS MobiSaver can restore all the permanently deleted files and messages from your iPhone device, even if you didn't have a backup and you didn't manage to save anything from your old iPhone device. It recovers data of all types, including text messages, contacts, photos, videos, and even chat histories in social apps. For example, restore Line chat history, recover WhatsApp, WeChat, and more. 

The whole software is very fast, and it provides you with the best results within seconds. It will only need to take three steps to recover all of your lost data. 

Step 1. Choose the Recovery Mode

Connect iPhone to your PC and launch EaseUS MobiSaver. Click "Recover from iOS Device" on the left, and click "Start".

Recover Messages/Message Attachments from iPhone - 1

Step 2. Scan iPhone for Lost Messages

EaseUS MobiSaver will automatically scan iPhone 13/12/11/X/XR/XS/8/7/6/5/4, and find lost messages and message attachments for you.

Recover Messages/Message Attachments from iPhone - 2

Step 3. Preview and Restore Lost Messages

Tick "Messages" and "Message Attachments". Choose the messages and attachments that you want to recover. Click "Recover to PC" or "Recover to Device" to decide where you'd like to restore them. 

Recover Messages/Message Attachments from iPhone - 3

How to Restore Deleted Text Messages on iPhone with iCloud Backup

Lucky for you, there are even more ways you can restore your deleted messages, especially if you have been a loyal iPhone user for a while.

If you have been using iCloud backup before and it has served you well, this is also a good option that will not cost you a thing and provide you with access to all the lost and deleted files.

However, this step will make your iPhone device go back to the moment you have created a backup, which can eventually lead to you losing some data you have right now.

If you still want to proceed with iCloud and retrieve your data this way, these are the steps you need to take.

Step 1. Open iCloud settings and access your iCloud profile.

Step 2. Click on "iCloud backup" to see if your data has been backed up recently.

Step 3. Open "General" settings.

general settings

Step 4. Choose "Reset or Transfer or Reset iPhone" settings - the name of the button depends on the version of the iPhone you have.

transfer or reset iphone settings

Step 5. Choose "Erase All Content and Settings" and confirm the action.

Step 6. Enter your iCloud password. Wait a few minutes until your device resets to old settings.

Step 7. Choose "Restore Data from iCloud backup".

Step 8. Sign in to your account again. Choose the data you want to retrieve.

How to Recover iPhone Deleted Text Messages on Mac

Some people prefer storing their data through their laptop or computer, so if you find it easier to perform the whole process this way, you can easily do it through your Mac computer.

If you have backed up data before, you will probably have plenty of backups at your hand, so the whole process should be quite straightforward.

This is how you can easily recover deleted messages through your Mac computer:

Step 1. Disable the Find My iPhone option on your device.

Step 2. Connect your phone to your Mac computer through a compatible USB.

Step 3. Click on the hard disc icon.

Step 4. Open the "Finder" and then open the Locations sidebar.

Step 5. Find your iPhone device. Choose to Manage backups - these options will allow you to see all of your saved backups from the moment you have started using the device.

Step 6. Choose the backup you want to restore.

Step 7. Click "Restore iPhone" and confirm the action.


As you can see, there are several ways you can restore your deleted text messages on an iPhone device, and all of them are pretty easy and will give you the desired result within just a few minutes.

If you are looking for the fastest software to help you restore all of your lost or deleted data, I recommend you choose the EaseUS iPhone data recovery program that will make the file recovery process instant and save you from so many troubles.

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