When Is the Next Apple Event 2024: September Event [macOS Sonoma included]

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What Is Apple Event

Apple organizes Apple events, which are commonly available for everyone to stream online globally. These events aim to announce the new launches, including:

  • Apple products: MacBook Pro, Mac Studio, iPhone, etc.
  • Software upgrades: macOS Sonoma, Ventura, and earlier.
  • Features to the software developers, familiar users, and the general public.

Every year Apple organizes four Apple events: Apple Spring event, WWDC, Apple Fall event, and Final event. The held time of these events is March or April, June, September, and October, respectively. The next Apple event will be going to occur in September.

Apple Event

With more than 1.74 billion users globally as of 2023's survey, Apple counts on optimizing this figure. Apple keynotes typically last between 1-2 hours, and the events feature Apple executives and CEO Tim Cook, whereas the WWDC event is a 4-days gathering.

Apple's top executives demonstrate the latest features and offerings to make these events high-spirited.

What Apple Events Will Take Place in 2023 [WWDC Included]

Apple launches 3 or 4 live-streamed events in a whole year where the company showcases its newest products and plans during a keynote address. As mentioned before, the Apple events which have been held or will be held in the coming months are shown below:

  • 🍎Apple Spring Event: March or April
  • 🍎WWDC23: June
  • 👉Fall Event: September
  • 🍏Final Event: October

Although the spring and October activities are less frequent, this event timetable is flexible. As of 2023, there may be years when Apple has yet to have a spring event.

However, the summer and September Apple events are highly predictable, with new software or product launches at WWDC in June and Apple Watches and iPhones in September. Apple frequently introduces new Macs at the October event, but this also varies from year to year.

WWDC 2023

🧩WWDC 2023: Software Releases

Before elaborating on the next Apple Event, let's discuss the last event in June 2023, the WWDC event. WWDC 2023 started on Monday, 5th June, with a keynote event beginning at 10 AM in California.

In India and China, the time was 10.30 PM (IST) and 1 AM the next day, respectively. At this event, Apple unveiled various launches, from hardware to software to some brand-new products.

Apple has announced the new software releases for iOS 17, iPadOS 17, tvOS 17, WatchOS 14, and macOS 14 Sonoma (macOS Sonoma vs. Ventura). All these will be available to download and install in the fall, mainly in September for iOS/iPadOS/watchOS and in October for macOS.

Although the official version of Sonoma has not yet been released, many users are already eager to download macOS 14 beta version, and if your Mac version is no longer compatible with macOS 14, don't worry; this article can help you.

install macOS Sonoma on unsupported Mac

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💻WWDC 2023: Hardware Releases

Although it's a software-oriented event, Apple has launched hardware products, including the Reality Pro headset,15-inch MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, iMac, and Mac Studio. It's time to head to the next Apple Fall event in September.

Two enhanced versions of the M2 chip were released in early 2023, loading up the 14- and 16-inch versions of the MacBook Pro. Read this article to find out the differences.

M2 Pro vs M2 Max

M2 Pro vs M2 Max | Price, Battery Life, CPU, and GPU

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The Next Apple Event: Fall Event in September

The upcoming September event will be the most significant day in the technology era because Apple unveils the latest iPhone, Apple Watch, and many more products.

The launch of the Apple Watch Series 9 and iPhone 15 is anticipated at this event. With these two major products, brand-new HomePod and AirPod devices will also be speculated to appear at the keynote.

iPhone 15

As the WWDC 2023 event is over, the Apple September event is the upcoming one. Analysts forecast that the iPhone 15 lineup could be pulled in by a couple of weeks, which might interfere with Apple's common launch schedule.

The most anticipated launch of iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro headsets is in the upcoming Fall event, where this new iPhone can inherit numerous features from its older counterpart, iPhone 14. These include a Dynamic Island and a 48 MP camera. Also, iPhone 15 Pro is anticipated to upgrade to the A17 chip, which might significantly surge prices.

iPhone 15 Pro

It has been speculated that Apple is working on the iPhone 15 Ultra with an action button and titanium design. But the typical scenario is that Apple will release an upgraded iPhone 15 Pro Max, hindering its Ultra model launch until 2024.

You will be getting 4 new iPhones this year, such as iPhone 15, Plus, Pro, and Max. The Max might evolve into the Ultra, according to reports. The reports indicate that, as typical, the Pro models will receive most of the updated features; nevertheless, the Max-size model may receive features that the Pro models will not.

iPhone 15 It will develop a similar 6.1-inch display with a seamless Dynamic Island, 6GB RAM but may embrace the LPDDR5 RAM, A16 processor, U2 chip, mute switch to be a solid-state button, yellow, pink, and green finishes.
iPhone 15 Plus The main difference between iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus is the display size, which is 6.7-inch for iPhone 15 Plus.
iPhone 15 Pro This model has a 6.1-inch display with Dynamic Island and ProMotion, rounded edges, and slimmer bezels. Moreover, the Pro version has a new dark red finish, an A17 processor, USB-C instead of Lightning, 8GB RAM, a U2 chip, and a mute switch to become a solid-state button.
iPhone 15 Pro Max or Ultra Most of the features are similar to iPhone 15 Plus and Pro. But the additional features include a periscope lens with 6 times optical zoom and support for 8K video recording.

Every iPhone 15 model will transform USB-C, dodging the longstanding lightning port. These latest devices will run on iOS 17, and this software upgrade will offer brand-new features and app redesigns.


Apple events and the global user base for Apple products have grown in popularity. These are the eagerly anticipated chances to use an exhilarating novel item or OS upgrade. Additionally, you can take advantage of all of its happenings online. Watch for date announcements and try to communicate with other Apple enthusiasts to discover what they believe will happen next.

After this September's Fall event, the next Apple event is the Final event held in October. This late fall event will unveil third-generation AirPods, MacBook Pro models, and some brand-new hues for the HomePod Mini as the optimum upgrades. So, be ready to catch the event live!

Next Apple Event FAQs

These are the FAQs to consider to understand the topic a better way:

1. What time is the Apple event in 2023?

According to the timetable, Apple's keynote started on 5th June at 10 AM (PST), 11 AM (MST), 1 PM (EST) in the USA, 6 PM BST in the UK, 7 PM CEST in Europe, 10:30 PM IST in India.

At WWDC 2023, the company announced the arrival of a number of products, including iOS 17, macOS 14, WatchOS 10, tvOS, its long-awaited AR or VR headset, a 15-inch MacBook Air, and more.

2. Will iPhone 15 be released in 2023?

Apple intends to unveil the all-new iPhone 15 series in the following week of September in the year 2023. The four models that will ultimately make up the full lineup are expected to include the standard iPhone 15, the iPhone 15 Plus, the iPhone 15 Pro, and the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

3. What to expect from Apple's next event in 2023?

We anticipate seeing the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and a new iPhone 15 Ultra take the place of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, even though there aren't any particular speculations regarding the event just yet. The release of the Apple Watch 9 is also anticipated.

4. What product and software did the WWDC 2023 launch?

At the WWDC 2023 Apple event, the brand launched iOS 17, 15-inch M2 MacBook Air, macOS Sonoma, iPadOS 17, Apple Vision Pro, Mac Studio and Mac Pro, WatchOS 10, etc.

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