5 Best Free Adobe CC alternatives You Don't Want to Miss

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Adobe CC usage and why need to find a free alternative

When it comes to creative matters, Adobe Creative Cloud is one of the most used apps, and you sometimes wonder why, right? Well, creatives and professionals like you have seen it as your go-to industry-standard creative tool to work with.

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However, there has been a change of thought recently, which has made some creatives think outside the box in search of other Adobe alternatives due to various reasons such as expensive monthly subscription on the app and many more. So, if you are also one of the creative beginners, professionals, small business owner, or even freelancers, then you need an Adobe Creative Cloud alternative.

It is not just an alternative but a cheap Adobe Creative Cloud alternative to rock on. To make it easier for you, we introduce five of the best Adobe Creative Cloud alternatives you can choose to make use of in this article. Ready? Then, let us get started.

List of these five tools

Below is the list of these five best free Adobe Creative Cloud alternatives you do not want to miss at all:

  1. 1. Affinity Designer
  2. 2. Figma
  3. 3. Skylum
  4. 4. DaVinci Resolve/ Studio
  5. 5. Inkscape

Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer is one of the best Adobe Creative Cloud alternatives you can use. It is a feature-packed creative tool for creatives like you that uses smart controls and an enhanced user interface to model anything that can be created using the Adobe Creative Cloud tool.

affinity designer

One of the strengths of the Affinity designer is its ability to switch between vector and raster workspaces, and thus, it supports various file types such as SVG and AI, whereas this cannot be done in Adobe Creative Cloud, which differentiates both from themselves.

Some of the Pros and Cons of the Affinity designer are listed below.


  • It is a cheap Adobe Creative Cloud alternative.
  • It supports multiple platforms and has a smooth workflow.


  • There are not enough available tutorials to go through to understand the complexity of its features.


As a creative designer, Figma is one of the best alternatives to Adobe Creative Cloud. One of its strengths is its flexibility in prototyping. Unlike Adobe Creative Cloud, Figma allows smooth collaboration characteristics, which enhance remote work, maintains reusable design components, and is able to keep files in Dropbox paper.


In addition, Figma is a creative tool that is totally free for you to use, except for some features like the cloud.


  • Figma has easier and more flexible components.
  • It has a very good team library and design systems.


  • It prompts regular errors while syncing.


With the availability of Skylum, it can be seen as one of the best Adobe Creative Cloud alternatives out there. It comes vibrant with cutting-edge characteristics, which makes a creative photographer's life easier. A creative like you needs to have everything at your disposal, and this is what Skylum offers. One of its strengths is that it allows the one-time purchase of its tool, which is backed by a lifetime license and huge discount fees, unlike Adobe Creative Cloud.  



  • Skylum saves a ton of time.
  • It allows numerous formats of image or picture files.
  • Responsive customer service.
  • With its easy-to-drag and drop features, you can easily enhance skin or face tone, foliage enhancements, and even improve the background.


  • There is no availability of tilt-shift, bokeh, or even depth-of-field options.
  • Importation of raw images from the camera is much slower.

DaVinci Resolve/ Studio

Talking of a cheap Adobe Creative Cloud alternative, DaVinci Resolve is a software you can bank on. It is being used by creatives like you, as well as professional colorists, cinematographers, and many more.

Unlike Adobe Creative Cloud, DaVinci Resolve permits a one-time payment for its software and lifetime updates. It also comes with a free version which is awesome for starters or anyone in the filmmaking industry. Indeed, it is a gold mine for all creatives like you.



  • DaVinci Resolve has easy and smooth navigation with a clean User Interface.
  • It supports cross-platform.
  • It also has collaboration tools that are being used to transfer projects.


  • It has limited mastering and audio mixing features.


Inkscape is by far an open-source software tool that has an amazing set of features. It has a great user interface, which is really friendly for creatives like you, and also has a drag-and-drop rendering tool including customizable fonts.


In addition, Inkscape comes with a great tool known as the Bezier tool, which allows you to draw and create detailed tracks and artwork. Some professionals don't opt for Inkscape free versions due to its slow processing of pictures. However, it is certainly the best Adobe Creative Cloud alternative in terms of its free version and a great choice for you for the creative that you are.


  • It is easy and smooth to use.
  • It is present in all Operating Systems (OS).


  • Some features and tools are not present in Inkscape.


In conclusion, with the help of these 5 Best Free Adobe Creative Cloud alternatives discussed in this post, you can't as well deny the features of the great Adobe CC itself ever since Adobe CC has everything that involves built-in templates and other mouth-watering features to make life easier for creatives like you.

Also, some of the things you need to consider when choosing any of these alternatives depend largely on various factors pertaining to you. Some of these might be due to the fact that these alternatives have free versions you can make use of without any hassle.

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