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EaseUS Data Backup & Recovery and Partition Manager Resources Articles

EaseUS provides you resources and information to help solve any problem about data backup & recovery and partition manager. Featuring advice and support from our highly knowledgeable data backup & recovery and partition manager specialists and technical staff, our resource center has the answers to your questions.

Computer Instruction
Hardware Input device | Output device.
Operating System Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012 | Linux | Mac OS X 10.5 | Mac OS X 10.7
Others Software | Exchange Server
Storage Media Instruction
General Instruction What is Storage Media?
Removable External(Removable) hard drive | CD-ROM | Floppy disk | USB flash drive | Digital camera | Digital audio player | SD Card | Compact Flash | Zip drive
Hard Drive Introduction
General Instruction Drive Operations | Install SCSI Hard Drive | Partitioning A Hard Drive | GPT disk
Sector Introduction Bad Sector | Repair Bad Sector | CHS (Cylinder/Head/Sector) | LBA
File System Instruction
File Management System FAT12 | FAT16 | VFAT | FAT32 | NTFS/NTFS5 | EXT | EXT2 | EXT3 | EXT4 | SWAP | exFAT | ReFS | More...
FAT32 Structure Information FAT (File Allocation Table) | NTFS Physical Structure
Others Convert FAT32 to NTFS
Microsoft Outlook
Outlook Outlook 2007 | Outlook 2003 | Outlook 2002/XP
Data Recovery Instruction
General Instruction Data Loss | Prevent Data Loss | Data Recovery Software | Windows 7 Data Recovery | Free and easy recovery software
Hard Disk Data Recovery Hard Disk Data Recovery | Recover hard drive data | Hard Disk Data Recovery Tutorial | Guide to Restore Data from External Hard Drive
Partition Recovery Partition Recovery | Partition Recovery Software | NTFS/FAT Partition Recovery | NTFS Recovery
File Recovery Undelete Files | Recover Deleted Recycle Bin Files | Retrieve Documents Guide to Help You Out When Documents are Lost or Deleted | Tutorial to Recover Mp3 File | Tutorial to Recover Video | Guide to Recover Deleted Files Hard Drive | Recover saved over office file | Recover Files after Reinstalling Windows | Easy file recovery freeware to undelete files
Raw Recovery RAW File Recovery | Easy and Safe Solution for RAW Partition Recovery | Recover Raw Disk(s) or Partition | Best Solution for RAW Files Recovery | RAW Format Data Recovery | Unique Utility to Rescue RAW Disk | Hdd Raw NTFS/FAT Recovery Software | Recover Files from RAW External Hard Drive | Restore RAW to Recover Files | Repair RAW Disk and Recover Files | How to Recover Raw File System When CHKDSK Reports Raw | How to Perform RAW USB drive Recovery | Flash drive RAW recovery | Convert RAW to NTFS | Convert/Change RAW File System to NTFS
Photo Recovery Photo Recovery | JPG/JPEG/PNG Recovery Software | How to Recover JPEG File | Tutorial to Retrieve Photos from Formatted Hard Drive
Dynamic Disk Recovery Dynamic Disk Recovery | Recover Files from Unreadable Dynamic Disk
Outlook Email Recovery How to recover deleted outlook emails? | How to repair damaged outlook .pst files? | Outlook Email Recovery Software | How to recover deleted email recovery? | How to recover emails from outlook 2010? | More...
Others Data Recovery Ebook | USB External Drive Recovery | Recovering Data from External Hard Drive to Get your Valuable Data Back | How to Recover and Rescue Data When "Disk/Drive is not Formatted…" Pops up | Tutorial of Memory Stick Data Recovery | What to do when external hard drive not formatted error come out? | Introduction of iPod MP3 Recovery Software | USB Drive Data Recovery | Pen Drive Recovery | Flash Drive Data Recovery | Compact Flash card recovery
Format Recovery Instruction
General Instruction Format File Recovery | Tutorial for Recovering Data after Format | Recover Files after Format | Restore Formatted Files | Retrieve Formatted Data | Solution for formatted PC/computer recovery | Windows 7 Unformat
Hard Drive Format Recovery Recover Files after Format Lost from Formatted Disks | Recover formatted NTFS/FAT drive | Format Rescue for Files from Formatted Drive
Storage Media Format Recovery Recover Files From Formatted Memory Card | USB Drive Format Recovery | Recover Files from Formatted SD Card | Guide to Recover Formatted Memory Stick
Quick Format Recovery Quick format recovery | Recover Files after Quick Format from Hard Drive
Others Recover Data after Reformat | Efficient Way to Undelete after Format
Unformat Instruction
General Instruction Unformat | Unformat Software
Hard Drive Unformat Solution to Unformat Hard Drive | Unformat formatted hdd | Unformat NTFS/FAT drive
Others Undo format | Unformat Memory Card | Tutorial to Unformat External Hard Drive
Raid Recovery Instruction
General Instruction Hardware-based Raid | Software-based Raid | RAID 1 | RAID 5 | RAID 0/1 (or RAID 10)
RAID Data Recovery Overview Tutorial to Recover Data from RAID | How to unformat Raid Array | RAID data recovery
Partition Introduction
Partition Introduction Hard Disk Partition | Format Hard Drive | MBR | Partition Table | Partition Boot Sector
Partition Manager Resource Free volume manager 64 bit | Free partition manager XP 64 bit | Free partition manager Windows 7 64 bit | Free Partition Manager X64 | Free partition magic 64 bit | Increase Windows Server C drive space | Extend system partition on Windows Server 2003 | Resize Server 2008 64bit partition | Windows Server 2003 partition resize | Free Partition Manager | Partition Windows 7 64 bit | Resize Server Partition | Server Partition Resize
Partition Magic Resource Partition magic Server 2003 | Partition Magic Server 2008 | Partition Manager Windows 2003 | Partition Magic SBS Server | Partition Magic RAID | Partition Magic Server | Partition magic x64 alternative to partition Windows x64 system safely | Partition Magic 64 bit alternative to partition Windows 64 bit and 32 bit system safely | Magic partition software to repartition hard drive | How to download and install free magic partition software? | Free download the trial version of magic partition software | Can I use partition magic on server 2003? | How to make a partition magic bootable CD with partition magic bootable floppy? | How to create partition magic Boot CD? | More...
Data Backup Instruction
Backup to tape Tape backup software | Backup Windows Server 2003 to tape | Backup Windows Server to tape | Backup Windows Server 2008 to tape
Exchange backup Backup exchange Server 2003 | Backup exchange Server 2007 | MS Exchange Server backup sosftware
SQL backup Schedule backup SQL Server
Network backup Network backup software
Server 2008 backup Backup Windows Server 2008 system state | Best Server Backup Software for Windows Server 2008
Server 2003 backup Backup Windows Small Business Server 2003 | Ghost hard drive on Windows Server 2003 | Disk copy software for Windows Server 2003
Server backup Windows Server backup software | Backup Windows Home Server
RAID backup RAID Backup Software | Backup Windows Server RAID 1 | Clone RAID Array | Backup RAID | Backup RAID 0 | Backup RAID 1 | Backup RAID 5
System backup How to back up your system? | Backup Windows 7 system partition and drive | Backup Windows 64 bit system | Backup/image a system drive
Recover to dissimilar hardware Backup Windows 7 and restore it to different hardware | Migrate the operating system to a new server | Back up Server and restore it to dissimilar hardware | Deploy system to different computers with different configurations | Restore 2003 Server to different hardware | Restore Windows Server 2008 to different hardware without reinstalling operating system
Schedule backup Schedule backup Windows Server 2003 | Schedule backup Windows Server 2008 | Schedule backup Windows 7 | Schedule backup the system | Schedule backup software
Incremental backup Free incremental backup software | Windows 7 incremental backup | Free incremental file backup software
Differential backup Differential backup Windows Server 2003 | Differenital backup Windows Server 2008
Mac Clean Instruction
Mac Clean Instruction Free Mac cleaning | Free Mac cleanup | Free Mac cleaner | Mac cleaner freeware | Mac cleaner software | Speed up your Mac | Clean my Mac | Mac running out of disk space | Mac hard drive full | Clean my Mac software review | Mac low disk space | Mac cleaner review | Free ccleaner for Mac | Free ccleaner for Mac review | Free up Mac hard drive space | iMac low disk space | Free app uninstaller for Mac | Keep Mac at peak performance | Mac running slow | Looking for Mac ccleaner alternative? | Free clean my Mac alternative software | More...
Data Security Instruction
Data Security Instruction File/Folder Encrypt/Decrypt | File/Folder Erase
Others Protect Your Data - Top 10 List of Recommendations
Customers' Stories
Customers' Stories Be quick and safe to format recovery: How to recover files after formatting | I Almost Killed My Most Important Data | What can I do when my partition was displayed as RAW? | My drive was formatted - what an awful day! | The Data Recovery Feedback from One of My Customer | My Sad Data Loss Story | EaseUS saved my data in Win 7 | Excellent Product Saved My SD Card Photos | More...