Professional Backup Management is Essential for Your Business

EaseUS Backup Center takes effective way to manage all backup tasks anywhere to simplify IT admin routine and protect critical business data from disaster with minimum cost & time

What's New in Version ?

  • Newly support Español, Italiano, Português

Efficient EaseUS Backup Management Goes Far Beyond Basic Backups

EaseUS Backup Center gets your business backup started today

Add or delete systems

Add or delete PCs/Servers based on business requirement if privilege is granted.

Flexible grouping

Divide all PCs/Servers into static or dynamic groups to reduce administrative cost and time to a great extent.

Unified management

Connect and manage the same Server through console from multiple machines.

Easy remote installation

Totally safe to install all backup agents on remote client machines by system default installing path from console.

Volume activation without extra cost

Assign licenses to all your backup clients and activate all in bulk from one location for an easy control.

Effective monitoring and reporting

Monitor backup status on intuitive user interface. Real-time reporting/log reflects all backup activities clearly.

Free lifetime technical support

Offer you free lifetime technical support to solve any problems. 7x24 service and live chat available.

Easy Business Management Assistant

EaseUS protects all crucial business data stored on multiple locations

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