What Is the Purpose of Partitioning a Hard Drive and How Can I Do That?

I have read that the Master Boot Record is the traditional way of storing partition information about a hard disk and some boot code. Why would I want to store partition information about a hard disk? I mean, what is the purpose of partitioning a hard drive? And how to partition a hard drive.

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Roxanne· Answered on Aug 21, 2023

Overall, disk partitioning is necessary for all computer users wanting a better experience during operation. There are many reasons that I recommend you to do a disk partitioning on your hard drive. Now, I will list the main benefits of partitioning a hard drive as below:

  • Better-organized Drive: Partitioning a hard drive can organize and manage your data more efficiently as they classify your data of different types and store them separately, which is safer and better organized.
  • Reduce Data Loss: When there is malware or a virus, you need more than one partition to quickly nuke the Windows OS and reinstall a new one while keeping your data intact.
  • More accessible Data Backup: To avoid data loss caused by system failures, users usually back up their data in advance. However, backing up all partitions separately will be considerably easier than backing up the entire disk. 
  • Dual Booting: After disk partitioning, you can install two operating systems on different partitions on your hard drive without touching each other.
  • Have Multiple File Systems: You can work with different file systems after splitting your hard drive into several partitions.

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Based on what I have said above, partitioning a hard drive will improve your computer's performance, whether you are a normal user or developer. Thus, I will teach you a solid and simple way to help you partition your hard drive. First, you will need a reliable partition maker, such as EaseUS Partition Master, an all-featured and user-friendly software.

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If you haven't partitioned your hard drive after purchasing, the "New Disk Guide" feature is what you need now. Install and launch the EaseUS Partition master before following the instructions:

Step 1. In the main screen of "Partition Manager," you should choose "Partition this disk" in the New Disk Guide window show.

Step 2. Set the number of partitions and the partition style you plan to create.

(Or, you can confirm the default setting offered by the software. Last, click "Proceed.")

Step 3. Click "Execute 1 Task" and "Apply" to finalize partitioning the new hard drive.

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