Can I Merge Two Partitions Separated by a Recovery Partition?

A Recovery Partition stands between the C drive and the Unallocated partition. I want to combine the Unallocated partition and the C disk so that I can create an empty partition for data and shrink it so that 100GB of the C disk and 100GB of the Unallocated partition remain.

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Roxanne· Answered on Sep 07, 2023

According to your description, you want to shrink the C drive to create a 100 GB unallocated space and combine the two non-adjacent free spaces to make a new partition for data. Needless to say, the Windows-based won't allow users to modify the size of the C drive since it contains important files and data about the Windows system. 

That's why you need a versatile and powerful tool - EaseUS Partition Master, which enables users to combine two non-adjacent partitions or allocate free space from any partition. Here is the simple and reliable solution that EaseUS Partition Master provides:

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Phase 1. Create a New Partition From the Unallocated Space

With the "Create" function of this software, you can easily create a new partition with the existing unallocated space. Let's check the details:

Step 1.  Navigate to "Partition Manager" and right-click on the unallocated space to choose "Create."

Step 2. Customize the size, drive letter, partition label, file system, and other advanced settings of the new partition. Click "OK".

Step 3. Select the "Execute * Task" and "Apply" buttons to complete the create action.

Phase 2. Allocate Free Space From the C Drive

Now, you have a new partition on your hard drive, and the next step is to allocate 100GB of free space from the C drive to extend the new partition. Follow the three steps below to increase the partition size efficiently:

Step 1. Right-click on the C drive in the "Partition Manager" and select "Allocate Space."

Step 2. Locate the target partition and drag the partition end rightward to add the free space from the C drive to the new partition. Then click "OK" to move on.

Step 3. Tap the "Execute Task" option and choose "Apply" to move free space.

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