What Is Recovery Partition and Can I Delete It in Windows?

Windows has generated a 450 Mb recovery segment on my SSD drive following the update to version 1511 build 10586. I have deleted the newly generated Windows_OLD folder and the hidden folder containing the updated files. Can I also erase the recovery partition easily and safely? Many thanks.

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Roxanne· Answered on Apr 18, 2024

What Is the Recovery Partition

A recovery partition contains a copy of the system and its factory default settings. It allows the computer to restore to its factory settings when a boot fails or issues occur. Moreover, this partition can also be used to reinstall the operating system. Due to its importance, the Windows system won't allow users to do dangerous operations, including formatting and removing.

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How to Safely Delete the Recovery Partition

Before you try the following ways, back up the whole disk in case of an accident.

Option 1. EaseUS Partition Master

In this case, you need a safe 3rd party software to delete the recovery partition.

EaseUS Partition Master can help users remove the recovery partition seamlessly and effectively. This software can fully cover all the features of Disk Management without such limitations. Its "Delete" tool can empower users to delete one or all partitions on their hard drives.

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Step 1. Click "Partition Manager" in EaseUS Partition Master. Locate the recovery partition and use the "Delete" function.

Step 2. If the warning "Do you want to delete the selected partition?" pops up, click "Yes" to confirm.

Step 3. To entirely erase the recovery partition, click "Execute xx Task" and then "Apply" in the new window.

Option 2. CMD

CMD is another Windows built-in tool leveled up and more suitable for developers.

Step 1. Press "Windows+R" and write the command cmd.

Step 2. Press "Enter" after each of the commands following to launch the CMD Window:

  • diskpart
  • list disk 
  • select disk 1 
  • list partition 
  • select partition 1
  • delete partition

Note: Please replace 1 with the recovery partition number.

Step 3. Input exit to finish this deletion.

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