System and Reserved Files Are Taking Too Much Space

My 500 GB SSD only had 500 MB available. Explorer displays 466 GB of consumed space, whereas WinDirStat only displays 165 GB. After running SFC, all of the system files appear to be in order. Is there a method to reduce the system and reserved files to a manageable size without reinstalling everything? At the moment, 350GB of System and Reserved files are displayed.

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Roxanne· Answered on May 09, 2024

Are your system and reserved files taking up much space on your computer? Fear not. This post will discuss common causes and practical solutions. System and reserved files will consume a large amount of space due to system backup accumulation, Windows update downloads, temporary files, and cache.

In this case, you can reduce the size of the system & reserve files, and clean up useless data. EaseUS Partition Master Professional is what you are looking for. This comprehensive hard drive manager can scan what is taking up space on your hard drive and free up storage space by removing temporary files and system cache.

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Refer to this guide:

Note: Clone this hard drive to another storage device in case of accident data loss.

Step 1: When EaseUS Partition Master launches, select Discovery. Locate and download Space Analyzer from the list of frequently used tools below.

Step 2: In the Space Analyzer pop-up window, choose the destination disk to be examined, then click Analyze in the top right corner.

Step 3: You will get the detailed data. Select Folder/File and click the little folder icon to access further information within the file.

Step 4: Then, you can choose and delete the unwanted programs/files.

EaseUS Partition Master also enables users to extend the system partitions, delete the recovery partition, and clean the disk(HDD/SSD).

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