Is There Any Way to Remove Login Password From Windows 10 When Locked Out

I forgot my Windows 10 password. How can I remove it? Actually, I want to turn off the login password because I only have one user on this computer, and I hate having to enter my password every time I turn it on.

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Roxanne· Answered on Dec 26, 2023

Yes, there is a safe and effective way to remove the login password from Windows 10 when locked out.

Whether you are looking for a way to enter a locked-out computer or want to remove the password interface, this post is your go-to resource. I will introduce a practical and reliable password reset software - EaseUS Partition Master Professional. This tool can enter your Windows 10 computer and disable its login password without entering the password.

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Note: You must prepare a USB and a healthy computer to create bootable media.

Step 1. Insert the USB flash drive into the healthy computer, download and launch EaseUS Partition Master, then click "Toolkit" > "Password Reset."

Step 2. Click "Create" when a message window pops up.

Step 3. Select the correct USB and hit "Create" again. Wait patiently till the password reset USB is created, and click "Finish."

Step 4. Plug the password reset USB into the locked PC, and restart. It will tell you to change the boot drive to boot the PC from USB. Then, the system will automatically boot from the password reset USB.

Step 5. Locate EaseUS Partition Master in the WinPE interface and go to "Password Reset." Find the target Windows account and check "Reset & Unlock."

Step 6. Click "Confirm" when you receive this prompt.

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