Is It Possible to Delete Recovery Partition on External Hard Drive?

I need to change the operating system disk(external hard drive) from basic to dynamic. Unfortunately, there isn't enough space on the disk. Thus, I plan to delete the recovery partition on it. What should I do?

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Roxanne· Answered on Dec 20, 2023

When you enter Disk Management, you will find a partition named "Healthy (Recovery Partition)." A recovery partition stores essential files and programs associated with an Operating System, which can restore a computer to a factory state when the OS is corrupted. Thus, the Windows system won't allow users to move or delete the recovery partition. 

To break this limitation, you should take advanced measures beyond Disk management. EaseUS Partition Master is my best recommendation, as it offers a delete option to help users securely remove one or multiple partitions. 

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Important Tips: 

  • A recovery partition only takes a few hundred MBs in size. So, think twice before deleting it.
  • Once you decide to delete the recovery partition, back up or clone the whole disk on another external hard drive in advance.

Now, plug the external hard drive into your computer and refer to the specific tutorial on how to remove a recovery partition:

Step 1. Get into the "Partition Manager" section of EaseUS Partition Master. Right-click the recovery partition to hit "Delete."

Step 2. In the "Do you want to delete the selected partition?" prompt, select "Yes" to confirm your decision.

Step 3. To remove the recovery partition, click "Execute xx Task" and "Apply."

In addition to EaseUS Partition Master, another leveled-up method can delete recovery partition using CMD. Find the full procedure in the following link:

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