How to See All Partitions on Hard Drive?

My external Seagate hard drive has two partitions, but only one is visible when I connect it to my Windows desktop and laptop. I could still see all of the partitions on Windows, even if this HD was previously linked to a Mac. I need instructions on how to view every HD partition. Thank you.

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Roxanne· Answered on Apr 23, 2024

Partitions are separate divisions within a hard drive that facilitate better data management and organization. The methods below can assist you in viewing all partitions, including hidden ones, or checking the available space on a particular partition:

Way 1. Using Comprehensive Partition Manager

One of the easiest ways to unhide and see all partitions on your hard drive is to use the free and versatile tool - EaseUS Partition Master Free. Download this tool and check all partitions and their status within a few clicks:

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Step 1. To inspect and access a partition, right-click on it. "Unhide" can be chosen from the drop-down menu after choosing "Advanced".

Step 2. Follow the instructions and click "Yes" to move on.

Step 3. Select "Execute 1 Task(s)" from the menu in the upper-left corner. Click "Apply" to reveal the hard disk partition after checking the pending activities.

Way 2. Using Disk Management

Compared to the first way, this method is more complicated and time-consuming. 

Step 1. Select "Manage" with a right-click on This PC/My Computer.

Step 2. Choose the volume you previously hidden without a drive letter. Choose "Change Drive Letter and Paths..." with a right-click.

Step 3. Select "Add" to give the partition a drive letter to reveal it.

Step 4. Choose a drive letter—for example, F—for the secret partition and click "OK." Afterward, your hidden partition will appear on your computer and function to store data normally once more.

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