What Does Windows 7 Backup Actually Back Up?

People all say that Backup and Restore (Windows 7) is an excellent tool for backup. Then, what does it actually back up? Who can answer my question?

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Jane Zhou· Answered on Jan 17, 2023

It is a built-in backup tool in Windows. This utility allows you to back up your operating system, its settings, and your data.

You can let Windows 7 choose what to back up, or you can select the individual folders, libraries, and disk drives you want to be backed up. By default, your backups are created on an automatic schedule, but you can manually create a backup at any time. Once you set up Windows Backup, it keeps track of the files and folders that are new or modified and adds them to your backup.

In addition, it also can create a system image that includes Windows 7 and your system settings, programs, and files. With the system image, you can restore the content of your computer if your hard drive crashes.

Although it allows you to back up your computer, the tools provided are limited. If you want to enjoy more advanced backup features like incremental and differential backup, scheduled backup, encrypted backup, set backup frequency, etc., EaseUS Todo Backup is a nice choice. It includes all the features mentioned before, but it can do a lot more than that. This program allows you to save your backups to the cloud, and it offers each user 250GB of free cloud storage so they can access the backups without the time and space limit!

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