Does Windows 11 Have Cloning Software?

I am using a computer with Windows 11 installed on the hard drive. I know SSDs have better performance in terms of write and read speeds. Therefore, I wanna replace it with an SSD using the cloning method. How can I clone my old drive to a new drive? Does Windows 11 have cloning software?

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Jerry· Answered on May 05, 2023

Sadly, Windows 11 does not have built-in cloning software. That is to say; if you want to perform a cloning task, you have to use professional disk cloning software, like EaseUS Disk Copy.

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Windows 11 is the more recent operating system developed by Microsoft. And it holds many new features compared with Windows 10. Like Windows 10, Windows 11 have built-in backup tools, including File History and Backup and Restore (Windows 7).

But it does not have native disk cloning software. Therefore, if you plan to clone your hard drive on a computer running Windows 11, you have to use a professional cloning tool. EaseUS Disk Copy is precisely the one that can meet your needs.

EaseUS Disk Copy is a practical cloning program for Windows 11/10/8/7. It can help you clone your system, disk, and partition and transfer your C drive to a new SSD without reinstalling.

In addition, it lets you clone your hard drive with bad sectors and upgrade to a larger disk. And it can help you solve the cloned hard drive shows wrong size error.

You can perform the steps below to help clone a hard drive in Windows 11:

Step 1. To start cloning an entire disk to another, select this drive as the source disk under "Disk Mode" and click "Next".

Step 2. Select another disk as the destination disk.

Step 3. Check the disk layout of the two drives. You should manage the disk layout of the destination drive by choosing "Autofit the disk", "Copy as the source", or "Edit disk layout".

Step 4. Click "Proceed" to execute the task.

Windows 11 does not have a cloning tool. Under such circumstances, you have to use third-party cloning software like EaseUS Disk Copy to help you.

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Use EaseUS Disk Copy to upgrade small HDD, replace old/failed hard drive, migrate OS, clone HDD to SSD without reinstalling data.

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For Windows 11/10/8/7

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