Can You Clone a Larger Hard Drive to a Smaller SSD?

My 500GB HDD is currently about 50GB full. I got an 80GB SSD with 74.5GB of free space. I want to clone my system drive to the SSD. Can I clone a larger hard drive to a smaller SSD?

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Jerry· Answered on Dec 30, 2022

Yes, you can clone a larger hard drive to a smaller SSD.

SSDs are popular among users due to their faster writing and reading speeds and quieter operation. Most users decide to transfer data from hard disks to SSDs. As everyone knows, SSDs are built with a smaller capacity than HDDs. Finding a suitable cloning tool to address the larger-to-smaller cloning problem is challenging when cloning an HDD to a smaller SSD because Windows has no native cloning utilities that can help you do such a job. But there are other ways out.

I advise using a backup and recovery program like EaseUS Todo Backup to clone your hard drive to a solid-state drive. Your SSD will operate without a hitch as long as there is enough room for the data on the hard drive. If your SSD runs out of space, you may either utilize a system clone to move only your operating system (OS) to the SSD or thin down your HDD by shifting data to another storage device.

EaseUS Todo Backup is a practical, multi-functional backup and recovery program with powerful cloning functions. It can help you clone HDD to SSD without reinstalling Windows and clone GPT disk to SSD. In addition, it can let you back up your disks, systems, files, etc., and save the backups to various locations, including the local drives, NAS, Security Zone, and the Cloud. More importantly, you can enjoy 250G free cloud storage to protect your data.

Yes, cloning a larger hard drive to a smaller SSD is a breeze now. To do this, all you need is cloning software, like EaseUS Todo Backup.

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