What Is Winver and How to Run Winver to Check Your Windows Version?

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What Is Winver?

Microsoft Windows is one of the most renowned OS available in the tech world. While it holds to be the most common on the list, there are different functions that are believed to provide the proficiency to users. Winver is one of the commands available across Microsoft Windows as the solution to obtain the Windows version of the device owned by a user.

Where it provides information related to the version of the operating system, it features other related information that explains much about the device and the system installed across it. This utility was introduced in Windows 3.0, which came up with some basic information about the device and its system. Up until Windows 11, we have seen many structural changes across the Winver command and the results it displays.

We shall be discussing further how you can access and run the Winver command on your computer to check the Windows version. We hope it will be helpful for you in many ways.

Winver check Windows version

How to Run Winver on Windows?

There are many ways that are believed to provide accessibility to the system information through the Winver command. To know more about these methods, let's proceed to the discussion of these available techniques:

Way 1: Windows Start Menu Search to Run Winver

The first technique is undoubtedly the simplest you can know for running the Winver command. You need to access the "Search" icon present on the taskbar of your computer. Type "winver" and hit "Enter" to display the output of the provided command.

Windows start menu to run winver

Way 2: PowerShell Winver

Another approach to accessing system information through the Winver command is by using the Windows PowerShell platform. To utilize this properly, let's look ahead into the simple steps:

Step 1: Use the "Windows + S" shortcut key to access the Search window. After that, type "Windows PowerShell" and press the "Enter" button to open the application.

PowerShell to run winver command

Step 2: Following this, type the "winver" command on the platform and click "Enter" to open your device's basic operating system information.

PowerShell winver result

Way 3: CMD Winver

You can also consider using the Command Prompt on your Windows to execute the Winver command. To use Command Prompt feature, you have to follow the below steps:

Step 1: Tap on the ‘Search' icon on the taskbar to open the menu. Next, type and launch "Command Prompt" to open the CMD window.

windows run command prompt

Step 2: Add the "winver" command across the command line and tap "Enter" on your keyboard to process it.

CMD winver result

Way 4: File Explorer Winver

File Explorer can be a great technique for accessing the "winver" command line and associated information. To do this, click the "File Explorer" icon on the taskbar to open a window. On the window, click on the section displaying the file navigation path and type "winver." Now, press "Enter" and see the results on your front.

File Explorer winver

Way 5: Windows Run Winver

You can also consider using the Windows Run feature for accessing the system information of your Windows computer. For using this method, read the instructions as follows:

Step: Use the shortcut key of "Windows + R" to open the Run window. There, type "winver" and click "Enter" to access the results.

Windows Run winver

Alternative Methods to Check Your Windows Version

There are other techniques to get into your system for checking its system version apart from the Winver command. To know more about these methods, let's look ahead into some of the options provided below:

Method 1: Windows System Settings

To access your Windows System settings, you need to use the shortcut key of "Windows + I" to open the Settings in front of you. Following this, select the "System" option and scroll down to find the option of "About" in the list. As you lead to the new window, you will find the Windows version in the provided details.

Windows System Settings About Option

Method 2: Accessing Properties

Another method to accessing your system settings and Windows version is through the main folder leading into the File Explorer. Also known as "Mains," "This PC," or the "My Computer," find the folder across your computer's desktop and right-click on it. Select "Properties" from the drop-down menu to open the system settings on the new window.

This PC Properties

Method 3: Accessing System Information

You can also try looking into the "System Information" feature to check the Windows version. For this, open the "Search" window on the taskbar and type "System Information" across the search bar. Hit "Enter" to open the window. Find the Windows version and build number in the details provided across the window.

Access System Information

Final Words

This article has been quite conclusive in providing you with explicit details on how to access the Winver command line through different techniques. With all the available methods, including the alternatives that can be tested alongside, you can easily find out the version of your Windows. We hope the information will help you gain much knowledge about the command.

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