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This article offered by EaseUS is a description and removal guide to eliminate the dangerous computer threat called the Great Discover virus. In this post, you can learn what a Great Discover Virus is and how to get rid of Great Discover Virus in various ways to protect your computer.

What Is Great Discover Virus and Its Symptom

Great Discover virus is malware that is considered a Trojan horse. It is dangerous and can cause the same results as other malicious programs, such as system lag or wasted resources.

great discover virus

It can use an infected computer's system resources to mine BitCoin, Dask, Monero, or other cryptocurrencies for its developers. In addition, if your computer has the Great Discover virus, it will slow down along with other performance issues.

In addition to the cryptocurrency mining threat, it can be worse than typical adware. It can send unwanted ads to the victim system, thus degrading the user's browsing experience. In addition, it can start processes in the background and start sucking up the system's hardware resources.

Your computer's GPU, CPU, and RAM will be affected when the Great Discover virus starts working. And all hijacked resources will be applied to generate coins for a specific cryptocurrency, depending on its operator's preferences.

The good thing is that there is a very good chance this virus won't attempt to harm your computer or the data you store on it. But always backing up your files is considered a good practice to prevent data loss.

How Does the Great Discover Virus Infect Your Computer

The Great Discover virus, like Wannacry Virus, infiltrates your computer covertly using suspicious software installers. To avoid paying for software, some customers look for a cracked version online, which gives malware programs a way to spread.

The Great Discover virus can attempt to disable the Windows firewall once unwanted software has been installed on your computer. If this is successful, it can manipulate your machine and use your resources.

The Great Discover virus can also be packed in the serial key generator or cracking tool. In addition, it may occasionally enter your computer through a rogue program. However, with its name, it is simple to recognize, and the procedures we'll outline in the following section allow you to eliminate it immediately.

4 Ways to Remove a Great Discover Virus

The following are 4 practical ways to help you eliminate the Great Discover virus. Let's come to see it.

Way 1. Uninstall the Program

You can perform the steps below to uninstall the Great Discover named program if you can find it.

Step 1. Press Windows + I keys to open Settings to find Great Discover in Apps & features.

uninstall the program

Step 2. Click Great Discover and select Uninstall, and then Uninstall again.

Just be sure to remove all Great Discover-related apps. Watch for recent rogue or unstable installs to determine whether the Great Discover infection is hiding as one of those other programs.

Way 2. End the Great Discover Processes

Usually, the Great Discover process ends when an application is removed from your computer, but this particular infection can survive in your system with the aid of any resort. So you'd best see if any associated processes are still operational.

Step 1. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys to launch Task Manager.

Step 2. Check whether there are any rogue processes named Great Discover under the Processes tab and right-click on it.

Step 3. Select the Open file location option. Then delete the file you located in the pop-up window.

Select the Open file location option

Step 4. Return to Task Manager, click on the rogue process, and click End task.

Way 3. Delete Leftover Files

A few files might still exist after removing all associated apps from your computer. Avoid leaving space for a computer virus to live by performing the following steps.

Step 1. Type Folder Options in the Search box to open File Explorer Options.

Step 2. Navigate to the View bar and check the Show hidden files, folders, and drives option. Tap Apply and OK to save changes.

Navigate to the View bar

Step 3. Go to File Explorer to check the below location paths to see whether there are Great Discover-related files. If yes, delete them.

  • C:\Program Files\UserNamee Software Oy\Great Discover
  • C:\Program Files\Devine Software Oy\Great Discover
  • C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Microsoft\CLR_v2.0\UsageLogs\Great Discover App.exe.log

Way 4. Clean the Registry

Numerous Trojans can alter the Windows Registry of the infected computer and add harmful entries that compromise the system's stability. So the final stage is to delete Great Discover-related entries from your computer's Registry.

Step 1. Press the Win + R keys to launch the Run dialog box, type regedit, then press Enter.

Step 2. Select Find…under the Edit bar.

select Find

Step 3. Search for "Great Discover" and then select Find Next. Then remove any objects that could be discovered.

Search for Great Discover

Step 4. After that, you may manually navigate to each folder listed below and delete them using the sidebar.

  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Random Directory
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Microsoft > Internet Explorer > Main > Random
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion > Run > Random

The Bottom Line

This article tells you what is a Great Discover virus, its symptoms, and how to get rid of it. It is difficult to prevent such a virus, but you can minimize its harm. If this virus has infected your computer, you can apply these methods to help you save your computer. Hopefully, this post can help you out.

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