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How to Recover and Repair USB Drive/SD Card Partition

Updated on Apr 27, 2018 by Daisy to Partition Recovery Software


Here, you can find easy USB partition repair solution. And in case of data loss disaster, EaseUS free USB drive partition recovery software is also offered to help you restore/undelete/unformat USB drive partitions & data.

Why do you need to do USB drive or SD card partition recovery?

With the widespread use of USB hard drive, USB hard drive partition loss or SD card partition corruption issues are no longer tiny problems. Even when you take every precaution to avoid it, USB drive or SD card partition data loss issue may still occur unexpectedly. Here the following are three major reasons why data loss issues happen to USB drive partition:

  • Virus corrupted USB drive partitions
  • Deleted or logically damaged USB drive partitions
  • Formatted or reformatted USB drive or SD card partitions
  • Accidentally deleted partitions on SD card
    SD card partition gets corrupted and becomes inaccessible after virus attacks

Tips for USB drive/SD card partition recovery & repair

1. Do not write anything to the USB drive or SD card partition that you want to recover data from!

After data loss from the USB drive, your data is not protected by the Operating System anymore the way it was before. The OS thinks the USB drive space where your lost data resides is free and can be used. This meant that the next copy operation, install of programs, Internet surfing (which generates temporary files) and even booting from the drive can permanently overwrite your lost files.

2. Find effective USB/SD card recovery software to restore data immediately.

To restore data from the USB drive or SD card partition data loss disaster, the USB drive/SD card partition recovery software shall be the second-to-none choice to recover data from USB drive. The USB/SD card partition recovery software will undelete USB partitions, recover files from formatted USB drive, restore RAW USB drive or inaccessible SD card, etc. before USB drive/SD card being overwritten. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition, as a free partition recovery software. is highly recommended for you to apply and recover lost data from the USB drive or SD card partition.

How to make USB drive/SD card partition data recovery?

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition is a data recovery utility that has garnered favorable reviews in many circles. If you mistakenly delete partitions from your USB hard drive or your system gets shut down that costs a permanent loss of your crucial files and folders in the USB drive or SD card partition, don't Panic! This free partition recovery software provides complete USB drive/SD card partition recovery solution to recover data from hard drive and USB drives/SD card partitions with simple steps. It's fully compatible with all Windows systems such as Windows 10/8/7 etc.

Step 1. Connect the USB/SD card to your PC, launch EaseUS data recovery software, select the USB drive/SD card and click "Scan" to search for data on the lost partition.

Recover USB drive partition - select to scan the specific disk

Step 2. A quick scan will start first. After it completed, a deep scan will automatically launch in order to find more files.

Recover USB drive partition - run quick scan and deep scan

Step 3. Choose and save them to a safe place, like on a different drive or device in case of data recovery failure.

Recover USB drive partition - selectively recover data

How to repair USB drive/SD card partition?

After all these steps, you have found and restored USB drive/SD card partition data successfully. Now you need to do one more thing which is to repair the USB drive/SD card partition.

Here you can manage the job by formatting the USB drive/SD card:

Connect USB drive/SD card to your PC > Open Computer or This PC > Right-click your USB drive/SD card partition > Choose Format > Click Start and OK.

Or restoring your USB/SD card key to its original state via Diskpart:

1. Open a Command Prompt as administrator (cmd.exe)
2. Type Diskpart and press Enter
3. Type List Disk and press Enter
4. Type Select Disk X (where X is the disk number of your USB drive/SD card) and press Enter
5. Type Clean and press Enter
6. Type Create Partition Primary and press Enter
7. Type Active and press Enter
8. Type Format fs=Fat32 Quick and press Enter
9. Type Exit and press Enter