[2021] USB Recovery Software to Recover Files from USB Flash Drive

Free download EaseUS USB data recovery software to help you recover deleted files from USB flash drive. With this powerful USB data recovery tool, you can recover data from USB flash drive that is formatted, corrupted, damaged, or is inaccessible.

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recover deleted files from USB with USB recovery software

How to Recover Deleted Files from Flash Drive

1. Connect the USB drive to your computer. Launch EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. Select the USB flash drive and click "Scan".

2.Wait for the scan process to complete. When the scan is over, choose the files you want.

3. Preview and recover files from USB drive.

USB flash drives are touted as being easy-to-use as they are small enough to carry in a pocket and can plug into any computer via a USB port. USB flash drives have less storage capacity than an external hard drive, but they are smaller and more durable because they do not contain any internal moving parts.

what is a usb flash drive

The widespread use of USB drive also brings a lot of USB data loss problems. It is easy to encounter data loss with USB flash drive caused by wrong operation or USB device problems. If you are looking for how to recover files from USB flash drive, don't fret, try out with the best USB recovery software recommended in this tutorial. 

USB Recovery Software Free Download

If you are searching for qualified USB recovery software, an ultimate solution - EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard shall work for you. It supports recovering all important files and folders from your USB hard disk drives and undelete files from USB flash drives.

EaseUS best data recovery software also allows you to recover data from other removable media drives, including pen drive, compact flash, secure digital card, flash memory, and other equivalent mp3, mp4 music players, pocket PC, super drive, and more. This secure drive recovery software can help you recover deleted files, even permanently deleted files by using Shift+Del keys or emptying the recycle bin. 

How to Recover Deleted Files from USB Flash Drive with USB Data Recovery Software

EaseUS USB data recovery software makes it easy to recover deleted files, such as MPEG, WAV, midi, jpg, gif, and jpeg from your USB flash drive. Whether the data loss on the USB flash drive is caused by accidental deletion, USB formatting, virus attack, or USB corruption, you can use this USB recovery tool to restore lost files.

Now, download EaseUS USB data recovery software and follow the video and text tutorials to retrieve deleted files from USB flash drive with a few clicks.

Follow step-by-step guides to use the ultimate USB recovery software - EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard and recover data.

To avoid possibly overwriting, be sure not to take more files on the same USB drive before you recover them. If you have done that, try EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, and it may still be able to recover the remaining files in most cases, but the written over files are unrecoverable.

How to recover files from USB drive:

Step 1. Run USB data recovery software.

Connect the USB flash drive to your computer and launch EaseUS USB data recovery software on your PC. Select your USB drive which marks as a removable disk, and click "Scan" to start finding your lost files.

Select USB to scan and find lost files

Step 2. Scan all lost files from USB.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard will thoroughly scan your USB flash drive and find all your lost data on it. After the scanning process,  use the Filter feature to filter a specific file type. You can check and preview found USB files in this program.

Scan USB drive to find lost files

Step 3. Restore all lost files from USB.

A double-click will allow you to preview the file results. Choose the target files and click "Recover" to save them to a secure location on your PC or other external storage devices.

Restore lost USB data

More Key Features of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard 

It is indeed very desperate to lost USB files. EaseUS makes USB flash drive recovery as simple as a click away. In addition to USB data recovery, EaseUS has some other highlights:

  • Recover data after accidental deletion using Shift+Del keys
  • Retrieve files from logically corrupted damaged or bad sector infected drive
  • Easily restore files and folders even after 'Drive not formatted' message is displayed on your computer
  • Retrieve infected data due to human error or any virus generated data loss
  • Restore lost data, recover formatted or damaged files before you fix and repair your corrupted storage device
  • Non-technical users can simply use this software and recover lost data

Recover Files from a Corrupt or Unresponsive USB Flash Drive

As mentioned above, in addition to deletion and virus attacks, device errors can also cause USB drive data loss. Sometimes you may find that your USB flash drive is showing error when you connect the USB to your operating system, and the Windows may not read it. This usually happens when your USB flash drive gets damaged or corrupted. A corrupted or unresponsive USB drive can cause serious data loss. Here, we will share some common error messages that may appear when your USB flash drive is corrupted.

Important: If your USB flash drive is showing any of the following error messages, we strongly recommend you use a professional data recovery software to recover files from corrupted USB flash drive immediately before taking any repair action.

Error 1: 'USB device not recognized'

USB recovery - error 1

Many users have encountered the issue "The last USB device you connected to this computer malfunctioned and Windows does not recognize it" when you connect the USB drive to a computer. This error may occur due to several logical reasons, including:

  • USB connection issue
  • File system errors that make your USB flash drive become RAW
  • Drive letter issues
  • USB driver error
  • Hardware damage

There are some effective ways as listed below to repair and fix USB flash drive not recognized or detected due to file system issue, but remember to back up or recover your data first. Click on the link for full guide. 

  • Fix 1. Recover files from RAW USB Drive using EaseUS USB recoverytool before formatting
  • Fix 2. Update unallocated USB driver and create a new partition
  • Fix 3. Change USB driver letter to make it detectable
  • Fix 4. Check USB port and change the connection to make USB recognized

Error 2: 'USB device not formatted'

USB recovery - error 2

“You need to format the disk in Drive X: before you can use it. Do you want to format it? This is another frequently occurred USB drive error when you try to connect your USB flash drive to your PC.  

Generally, if you unplug the removable storage drive directly when you are using it, you may get USB drive not formatted problem. Other possible causes of this matter are virus attack, fault operation, damage, and more.

Do not click "Format Disk", which will delete the stored data while reformatting the  USB drive. Instead, use a USB data recovery tool to safely retrieve your data at first, and then, use the following tips to fix USB flash drive not formatted error without losing data.
  • Step 1. Recover files from an unformatted (RAW) USB flash drive
  • Step 2. Format USB flash drive to fix the USB drive not formatted error
  • Step 3. Back up files to protect data on your USB drive 

Error 3:  'USB drive is not accessible'

usb data recovery software - error 3

This 'drive is not accessible' error may appear unexpectedly and prevent you from accessing your USB flash drive and the data on it. This problem is pron to occur because of an unrecognized file system, power failure, or virus infection.

If the USB drive is corrupt and inaccessible, restore your data from damaged USB flash drive in advance, and take practical solutions to troubleshoot.

  • Fix 1. Remove USB drive not accessible in File Explorer
  • Fix 2. Recover data and format the USB flash drive

Bonus Tip: How to Avoid Data Loss from USB Flash Drive

Nowadays, most USB flash drives have a large capacity and can store thousands of documents, pictures, movies, e-books, and other data. Losing this important data can be a big problem. Although we can use professional data recovery software to retrieve the data afterward, the best way to recover the data is to backup the data beforehand.

Here are a few useful tips to prevent data loss from USB flash drive:

Back up your data regularly

Sometimes, lost data may not be recovered for some reason. To prevent important data loss, you should keep backup regularly. If you don't like to back up your files manually, it's a great choice to use schedule backup software for effective automatic backup. 

Keep your computer up to date  

Upgrade your computer to the latest version with the recent antivirus program, patches, drivers, OS updates, and more to make sure that it is protected from any virus, malware, spyware, etc. that can corrupt and even erase data stored on your USB drive.

Avoid physical damage

It is very easy to carry a USB device with you wherever you go. It is still important that you keep the USB flash drive in a safe place and avoid any physical damage.

Prevent sudden power outage

One of the primary causes of data corruption is a power outage, so it will be helpful to use a power protector to protect your PC and your flash drive from unexpected power failure.

Disconnect your USB flash drive safely

Never just unplug a USB device after using it. Always disconnect it by following the proper steps to safely remove the USB storage device.

The Bottom Line

The USB flash drive has become one of the most portable devices used today. It became extremely popular due to portability, large capacity, robust, fast speed, and easy-to-use features. But like other media, USB devices still tend to fail, and the data loss happens a lot. EaseUS top USB recovery software offers the easiest way to get back lost USB data. If you lost data on your USB flash drive, pen drive, SD card, or memory card, ask EaseUS for help as soon as possible. It's never too late to restore your data. 

People Also Ask Questions About USB Recovery Windows 10

If you have some other questions related to how to recover deleted files from USB drive, you can read the following questions to solve your problems.

1. Can USB data be recovered?

Yes, you can recover data from USB by using some USB recovery tools. Some users suggest that you can recover USB data with Command Prompt. But recovering data from a USB using CMD is only workable when the files are hidden on your USB.

If the files on your USB flash drive are deleted, formatted, or lost due to other reasons instead of being hidden, using USB data recovery software like EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is the only efficient way to retrieve your data.

2. How do you recover files from a flash drive?

How can I recover files from my USB for free? To perform a USB recovery for Windows 10:

Step 1. Connect the USB flash drive to your computer and launch EaseUS USB data recovery software.

Step 2. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard will thoroughly scan your USB flash drive and find all your lost data on it.

Step 3. Choose the target files and click Recover to save them to a secure location on your PC or other external storage devices.

3. How do I fix a corrupted flash drive? 

How can I fix my USB flash drive? You can fix a damaged flash drive by reinstalling the USB driver.  See how to repair a corrupted USB drive without formatting.

Step 1. Right-click Start icon and choose Device Manager.

Step 2. Click Disk drives and find the driver name of your corrupted USB.

Step 3. Right-click on the name and choose the Uninstall device.

Step 4. Unplug the USB drive.

Step 5. Connect the USB to the computer again and it will reinstall the latest driver automatically.

4. How can I recover my formatted USB for free?

To recover the formatted USB drive for free safely and effectively, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is your optimal choice. 

Step 1. Connect the formatted USB drive to your computer. Launch EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. See if the USB drive appears in the drive list. Select the USB and click "Scan".

Step 2. Wait for the scan to complete. When the scan is over, you can click "Filter" to filter a specific type of file quickly.

Step 3. Double-click the files to preview them one by one. Select the files you want and click "Recover".

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