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Learning how to scroll down on a MacBook Air is vital for easy navigation. Mastering several scrolling ways, whether using the trackpad, space bar, keyboard arrows, or an external mouse, boosts your productivity.

Workable Solutions Step-by-step Troubleshooting
Scroll Down on a Mac via a Trackpad Navigate to System Preferences in the Apple Menu, and choose Trackpad > Scroll & Zoom...Full steps
Scroll Down on a Mac Using a Keyboard Click inside the region you wish to scroll across and use the function key + up or down arrow keys...Full steps
Scroll Down on a Mac via Scroll Bars Navigate to System Settings > Appearance > Show Scroll Bars and click Always...Full steps
Scroll Down on a Mac with a Mouse Connect an external mouse to your MacBook Air using the required adapters...Full steps

Here in this informative guide, we'll look at some practical methods to scroll down on a MacBook Air, letting you access webpages and documents easily. Thus, whether you're a new Mac user or want to improve your efficiency, adopting these abilities can simplify your user experience. Let's delve into further details!

How to Scroll Down on a Mac via a Trackpad

Scrolling on a Mac using the Trackpad is simple and quick. All you need to do is slide two fingers over the Trackpad to browse pages up, down, or sideways. Furthermore, macOS has two scroll options: natural, which simulates physical reality, and non-natural, which emulates actual finger motions.

To set your Trackpad's scroll preference:

Step 1. Navigate to "System Preferences" in the Apple Menu.

Step 2. Choose "Trackpad > Scroll & Zoom".

Trackpad > Scroll & Zoom

Step 3. Check or uncheck the box next to "Scroll direction: Natural" based on your preferences.

alt: set trackpad scroll preference

Suppose the System Settings is not opening on your Mac; consider using your keyboard to scroll down on a Mac.

How to Scroll Down on a Mac Using a Keyboard

Scrolling on a Mac using the keyboard is a useful alternative when your MacBook Air trackpad is not clicking, especially for those who like to speed up their work.

Let's find out how to scroll down on a Mac using keyboard shortcuts:

Scrolling with arrow keys:

To scroll, use the arrow keys on your MacBook Air keyboard (up, down, left, right). Here's how to do it:

  • Before you use the arrow keys, click inside the region you wish to scroll across.
  • To scroll, use the function (fn) key and one of the up or down arrow keys.
  • To go to the beginning or end of the page, press fn + left arrow and fn + right arrow, respectively.

alt: scrolling with arrow keys

Scrolling with Space Bar:

  • To navigate down a page, use the Spacebar.
  • Hold down the Option key to scroll in bigger increments while hitting the appropriate arrow key.
  • To page up on a MacBook, use Shift + Spacebar.

Navigating pages:

  • To fast browse to the top of a page, use the "Command" + Up arrow.
  • To browse to the bottom of a page, use the "Command" + down arrow.

Experiment with several keyboard shortcuts to determine the most effective scrolling approach for your workflow. This method also works when your MacBook Pro trackpad is not working

Scroll Down on a Mac via Scroll Bars in a Window

Scrolling using scroll bars in a window on your MacBook Air is another way to navigate material, particularly when using programs like browsers, documents, or files. Here's how to scroll down on a Mac using scrollbars:

Step 1. Find the scroll bar in the upper right corner of the window. To turn it on, navigate to "System Settings > Appearance > Show Scroll Bars" and click on "Always".

show scroll bars

Step 2. Click anywhere on the scroll bar to see more possibilities in any window.

Step 3. Choose whether to browse one page at a time or to scroll to a particular position on the page.

scroll down on a mac via scroll bars in a window

Scrolling actions:

• To scroll vertically, left-click the scroller and then slide your finger up or down the touchpad.

• To scroll horizontally, repeat the operation while sliding your finger left or right, as desired.

• Alternatively, click the desired spot on the scroll bar to go straight to that point on the page.

How to Scroll Down on a Mac with a Mouse

On a Mac, using an external mouse allows for easier navigation. Here's how to scroll down on a Mac using a mouse.

Vertical Scroll Using the Mouse Wheel:

Step 1. Connect an external mouse to your MacBook Air using the required adapters, if necessary.

Step 2. Use the mouse wheel as you would with any other external mouse to scroll up or down.

Step 3. Use the mouse wheel in the correct direction to scroll vertically.

Horizontal Scroll Using the Mouse Wheel:

Step 1. Hold down the "SHIFT" key on your keyboard when using the mouse wheel.

Step 2. Hold "SHIFT" and slide the mouse wheel up or down to activate horizontal scrolling.

Step 3. To scroll left on a Mac, use "SHIFT" + Mouse Wheel Up.

Step 4. To scroll right on a Mac, use "SHIFT" + Mouse Wheel Down.

scroll horizontal using mouse wheel

Following these instructions will allow you to successfully scroll vertically and horizontally on your MacBook Air using an external mouse. To enable continuous scrolling capabilities, use suitable adapters for USB Type-C connections and USB Type-A mice.

💎Extra Tips: Best Way to Scroll Down on a Mac

Scrolling down on a Mac can be done in a variety of ways, boosting the user experience. Here are some more ideas to help you navigate efficiently:

  • 1. Trackpad gestures:

Trackpad motions are ideal for casual browsing, providing straightforward scrolling with two-finger swipes. This approach is ideal for online surfing, document reading, and general navigation since it allows you to control the pace and direction of scrolling precisely. It's especially beneficial while using the MacBook Air in mobile situations, such as cafés or when traveling.

  • 2. Keyboard shortcuts:

Keyboard shortcuts are very useful for power users or those who prefer a tactile approach to navigating. You may swiftly browse between online pages, documents, and spreadsheets without leaving your keyboard by using the arrow keys and modifier keys such as Command or Option. This strategy is useful for people who interact with text-based information often or who need to navigate long documents or code.

  • 3. Scrollbars in a Window:

Scroll bars are a conventional means of scrolling that appears inside windows when information surpasses the viewable Space. This method is beneficial for accurate navigation inside certain apps, such as text editors or graphic design tools that need delicate control over scrolling.

  • 4. Mouse Wheel:

External mice provide handy scrolling solutions for those who prefer a classic mouse interface or need precise control over scrolling. The mouse wheel supports both vertical and horizontal scrolling, making it suitable for a wide variety of applications, including online surfing and graphic creation.

You may improve your scrolling experience on a Mac by tailoring these approaches to your workflow and preferences. Experiment with several ways to see which one best meets your requirements and increases your productivity.


Learning how to scroll on a MacBook Air is critical for efficient navigation and productivity across several programs. Whether you like the Trackpad's smooth motions, the efficiency of keyboard shortcuts, the accuracy of scroll bars, or the adaptability of an external mouse, there is a technique that will suit your needs and productivity.

Understanding and using these scrolling tactics efficiently will help you improve your user experience, expedite your work, and maximize your productivity on your MacBook Air. Experiment with several approaches to see which one works best for you and enjoy a better scrolling experience.

How to Scroll Down on a MacBook Air FAQs

Following are some common questions that users ask regarding how to scroll down on MacBook Air:

1. How do I get my Macbook Air to scroll down?

You can use the Trackpad, keyboard shortcuts, scroll bars, or an external mouse to scroll down on a MacBook Air.

2. Why can't I scroll with my arrow keys on Mac?

If you are unable to scroll using your arrow keys on a Mac, this might be due to software difficulties or wrong keyboard settings, such as Scroll Lock is ON. To fix the problem, turn OFF the Scroll Lock mode by pressing the F14 key.

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