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Experience & Education

Sofia has been involved with tech ever since she joined the EaseUS editor team in March 2011 and now she is a senior website editor. She is good at solving various iPhone and Android issues, such as iPhone or Android data transfer & recovery. Rich experience in software companies helps her create a lot of popular articles.

Sofia has over 9 years of writing experience in the field of software and technology. In the past, she was worked as a content contributor of another software company. That experience makes her realize that solving problems is a meaningful thing. So, she decides to write articles to help readers to solve problems with the mobile phone.
Sofia received a bachelor's degree in English. During her university years, she earned many certifications and prizes from her published articles. After graduation, she devotes herself to writing tech articles and contributes many popular articles.
She is not only an open-minded editor but also an art lover. In her spare time, she likes painting, photographing, and picture editing. Besides, she also singing to bring joy to others.

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Do not worry if you remove your old messages from your device by accident. With several methods offered in this guide, you can easily get them back, whether you have a backup or not.

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