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Sofia has been involved with tech ever since she joined the EaseUS editor team in March 2011 and now she is a senior website editor. She is good at solving various iPhone and Android issues, such as iPhone or Android data transfer & recovery. Rich experience in software companies helps her create a lot of popular articles.

Sofia has over 9 years of writing experience in the field of software and technology. In the past, she was worked as a content contributor of another software company. That experience makes her realize that solving problems is a meaningful thing. So, she decides to write articles to help readers to solve problems with the mobile phone.
Sofia received a bachelor's degree in English. During her university years, she earned many certifications and prizes from her published articles. After graduation, she devotes herself to writing tech articles and contributes many popular articles.
She is not only an open-minded editor but also an art lover. In her spare time, she likes painting, photographing, and picture editing. Besides, she also singing to bring joy to others.

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How to Download or Save Vimeo Videos to MP4

Here you can save and download Vimeo videos in MP4, MP3, and various qualities for free. You can either download Vimeo videos by using its default way or copy and paste the URL of your Vimeo video to online or desktop-based software to save it to your computer or mobile device.

Sofia Albert   |   Apr 29, 2021

Top 10 Free Facebook Video Downloaders

If you are looking for a free method to download Facebook videos easily, you are in the right place! In this guide, we compiled some of the best video downloader online, chrome extension, apps, and desktop software.

Sofia Albert   |   Apr 29, 2021

How to Print Photos from iPhone

This guide covers everything you need to know about how to print photos from iPhone. Ranging from how to print, how to choose the right print ways, to some bonus tips. Everything you want to know is included in this post. Now, read this guide to know more!

Sofia Albert   |   Apr 13, 2021

How to Restore WhatsApp from Backup to Android & iPhone

If you're looking for some approaches to restore WhatsApp from backup, this guide is for you! In this step-by-step instruction, we will specifically show you the steps to restore WhatsApp from backup on iPhone and Android.

Sofia Albert   |   Apr 01, 2021

How to Restore WhatsApp Messages on a New Android and iPhone

Restoring WhatsApp messages on new phone can be easy if you adopt the right method. If you do need such methods, just refer to this guide to get some useful ones you restore WhatsApp messages on either iPhone or Android device.

Sofia Albert   |   Mar 24, 2021

Top 8 Best 4K YouTube Video Downloaders

Are you searching for a great 4K YouTube video downloader to save your favorite video, songs, or TV serials to the computer or your iOS & Android device? Here in this guide, we collect some of the best online & desktop 4K YouTube downloaders as well as apps for iOS and Android for you to try.

Sofia Albert   |   Feb 22, 2021

How to Delete Waiting Apps on iPhone or iPad with Ease

iPhone apps stuck on waiting can be caused by various reasons like internet issues, memory problems, hardware damage, etc. Regardless of the reasons, this guide will tell you how to delete waiting apps, and how to fix iPhone apps stuck on waiting.

Sofia Albert   |   Feb 04, 2021

3 Simple Methods to Back up iPhone or iPad to Computer with or without iTunes

Our guide covers 3 simple strategies that can work to back up iPhone or iPad to the computer quickly, whether you have an iTunes or not. To help you quickly find out the best way to copy iPhone files, we create a comparison table listing the benefits and drawbacks of each method. Reading our post to get more details.

Sofia Albert   |   Jan 26, 2021

How to Back Up WhatsApp Messages on iPhone & Android

Want to back up WhatsApp messages on iPhone or Android but have no idea how to do it? Check this guide to get five methods to back up WhatsApp Messages without a hassle.

Sofia Albert   |   Jan 25, 2021

How to Delete Apps on iPhone 11/Pro/Pro Max Easily

This page introduces 5 easy methods to delete unwanted apps on iPhone 11/Pro/Pro Max. Whether you want to delete one or multiple trash apps, you can find the best way in this guide.

Sofia Albert   |   Jan 11, 2021

How to Transfer Photos from PC to iPhone 11 in 5 Ways

Are you searching for ways to transfer photos from PC to iPhone? Read this guide to get 5 easy ways to move your favorite pictures from computer to iPhone 11/XS/XR/X/8.

Sofia Albert   |   Jan 11, 2021

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