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How to Fix Video File Cannot Be Played Error Code 224003

Updated by Brithny on Feb 22, 2023

When playing video, it is very common to encounter any errors or issues. The most usual error that you may come across would be the error code 240003. Though it is quite a rare phenomenon to come across an error, it may be a good idea to know what to do when you face the error. So let us check out how to fix the video file that cannot be played due to error code 224003.

Everything About Error Code 224003

This error occurs when you play the video using a browser such as Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. The video content may be blocked and becomes unplayable due to certain reasons.

error code 224003

Some of the major issues that can cause the error 224003 can include

  • It can be due to the connectivity issues
  • Another process can block the video playback
  • A third-party extension or add-on may be causing the error.
  • The default settings on the browser may block the video playback
  • Antivirus programs can prove to be an issue

If you face the error code 224003 and get issues with the video playback, you can follow the methods outlined here. The methods outlined here should be helpful in fixing the problems rather effectively.

  1. 1. Fix Error 224003 Using Another Browser
  2. 2. Turn Off Hardware Acceleration
  3. 3. Disable Add-ons and Extensions
  4. 4. Clear Cache and Browsing Data
  5. 5. Update Google Chrome

Method 1. Fix Error 224003 Using Another Browser

The error 224003 is generally browser-specific. It may be possible that you might have been facing the issues on any particular browser, and it may not affect any other browser. You can check the other browsers and find if the video playback works fine on other browsers.

try another browsers

If the error is due to any specific browser, your video will play without issues and hassles. If you find the error specific to one specific browser, you can take action with the specific browser you have chosen.

Method 2. Turn Off Hardware Acceleration to Fix 224003

In essence, the hardware Acceleration is designed to improve the performance of your browser. However, it can sometimes play spoilsport with the video playback. This process distributes the graphic-intensive tasks to the GPU.

turn off hardware accelaration

It can sometimes prevent the video from playing. If you have enabled this function on your browser, check if disabling the same fixes the issue for you. The steps in how to disable this task can be specific to individual browsers. Check the procedure for your browser and disable this feature.

Method 3. Disable Add-ons and Extensions on Google

Every browser has extensions and add-ons to improve a few functionalities or enable certain specific tasks for a few specific apps and websites. However, certain extensions may not be compatible with the video playback that you are attempting. Disabling these extensions ad add-ons can help fix the error code 224003.

On Chrome, you can follow the steps here below

  • Launch Chrome and go to the three-dot menu at the top right corner.
  • Click on it and then go to More Tools -> Extensions. Locate the extensions that you suspect and disable or remove them.

disable adds-ons to fix error code 224003

If you are unsure which extension has created issues with the video playback, you can turn off all the extensions and check if your video plays back. You can then enable your extensions one by one and find the culprit.

Method 4. Clear Cache and Browsing Data

The cache is designed to make it easy and simple for browser users to browse their favorite web pages. However, at times the cookies and cache can play a spoilsport and affect your video playback adversely.

clear cache to fix video files cannot play

Clearing cache and cookies or even the browsing data on the browser should be much easy and simple. If you are on Chrome, you can follow the method below –

  • Go to Chrome Settings.
  • On the left pane, select Privacy and Security.
  • Click on the Clear browsing data. That's it, You're Done.

You can clear the Browsing history, Cookies, Download history, Cached images and files, and other site data. But, first, check what exactly you want to clear.

You can also reach the Clear cache page by navigating through the Three dot menu -> More Tools -> Clear browsing data or by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Del keys together. 

Method 5. Update Google Chrome to Fix Error 224003

An outdated browser can also be an issue and may not support the proper video playback. If you are facing the error 224003, it may also be due to the outdated browser. Checking if you have any updates to your browser may be a good option to fix the error.

In the case of Chrome, you can follow the steps here below

  • On Chrome, click on the three-dot menu and locate Help.
  • Click on About Google Chrome.
  • You should find for Update Google Chrome if a new version is available. Click on it and follow the instructions to update your browser.

update browser to fix video file cannot be played

Under most of the scenarios, Google Chrome is automatically updated to the latest version in the background.

How to Repair Damaged Videos - Extra Tips

If you find the issue is not resolved and you still cannot play the video, the next best thing may be to download it and try playing it. Since error 224003 is specifically a browser-specific error, downloading the video can perhaps be a good way to play the video.

If you find the video is corrupted and remains unplayable, you can use the special tools that can help you repair the damaged videos. EaseUS RepairVideo is a perfect tool for this purpose. The online video repair tool can be used on any operating system and offers you a 100 percent safer and secure means of repairing any video without hassles and heckles.

Step 1. Upload your video with the corruption issue. You can click the Upload Video button on the left to select a video file, or simply drag and drop the video to the area on the right.

repair video step 1

Step 2. Enter your email address and click the Start Repairing button to instantly start the repair. Here, you must make sure the entered email address is valid to send and receive email messages over the Internet. EaseUS VideoRepair will send you a confidential extraction code to the provided email address. You can only download the repaired video by applying the code you received. 

repair video step 2

Step 3. The uploading and repairing process goes. You don't necessarily stay all the time waiting because once the session reaches 100% compeletion, you'll receive the extraction code in your mail.

repair video step 3

Step 4. In your mail, check the message sent by EaseUS. There you'll remember the extraction code (just leave the page open so you can return to check). Click the View Your Repair button and you'll be guided to the website. Click the Download Video button, then enter the code that is exclusively generated for you, and click OK.

repair video step 4


The error code 224003 when playing a video on a browser is not much common. But, there are situations where you may find the error affecting you. If that happens to you, it may be worth checking out the best methods to fix the error code 224003.

We assume the above methods should ideally be a great way to help you fix the video playback errors and help you achieve more positive results.

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