3 Ways to Repair Corrupted PNG Files from SD Card [100% Working]

Formatted devices, corrupted media, and virus infestation are some of the common causes of PNG file corruption on SD cards. But you can get rid of the issue easily with the top 3 methods to repair corrupted PNG files from SD cards with EaseUS Fixo Photo Repair!

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People mostly use the PNG file format to download pictures from the web. Moreover, graphic designers employ this PNG format professionally to save and upload material on the website. But the PNG file format comes with a wide array of issues and often causes corruption!

While reading the card, an error may loom in your thoughts if the pictures are lost forever! This is a common scenario that tragically occurs sometimes, but you must not fret, as PNG file repair is the best way to retrieve your photos. Looking for the best ways to repair corrupted PNG files from an SD card? Let's get started with the top 3 methods!

Method 1. Repair Corrupted PNG Files from an SD Card with Software

The widely used PNG file format might get damaged sometimes; in such a tough situation, you need professional photo repair software, EaseUS Fixo Photo Repair, to repair corrupted PNG files from an SD card.

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This corrupted image viewer is a one-stop image repair tool available for Windows PCs to help with photo retrieval and image repair for a wide array of storage, including SD cards. With its high-level technology in image repair, it provides main features like:

  • Mend corrupted pictures with different corruption levels, for example, dark images, grainy photos, and pixelated photos.
  • Carefully retrieve scratched or outdated pictures and colorize black & white with varying effects of AI.
  • Repair not only PNG file formats but also JPEG, JPG, NEF, RAF, CR2, and NRW.
  • Repair pictures from SD cards, PCs, USB flash drives, and digital cameras.

Download the EaseUS professional photo repair software and follow the steps below to repair PNG files:

✨Step 1. Download, install and luanch EaseUS Fixo Photo Repair

Download Fixo in official ways and launch it. Select "Photo Repair" > "Add Photos" to fix the damaged images from a local disk or external hard drives.

add photos to repair images with Fixo

✨Step 2. Start the photo repair process now

If you have uploaded multiple pictures at once, it is better to click "Repair All" to fix all the photos in this list at once. By the way, it is also okay to repair a single photo, just choose "Repair" after finding the photo you want to fix.

select photos to repair

✨Step 3. Preview and save the images

Preview the repaired photos by clicking the eye icon. Click "Save All" to save these photos, and you can choose "View Repaired" in the pop-up window to quickly locate these repaired items.

save repaired photos in Fixo

Method 2. Repair Corrupted PNG Files Online for Free

If your PNG files are corrupted without reason, consider using a free online photo repair with one click - EaseUS Online Photo Repair.

Some of the extremely damaged PNG file conditions you may face after linking your device to an SD card are choppy photos, blurry photos, tear photos, spots, fading, and other blemishes on the pictures that you can't open the PNG file. Here comes one of the best tools to repair corrupted PNG files online for free! Check out the following steps:

Step 1. Open the EaseUS Online Photo Repair page by clicking the button. To upload your corrupted JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, CR2, NEF, or ARW photos, click "Upload Photo".

upload photo

Step 2. Enter a valid email address and click "Start Repairing" to upload your damaged photos. Now, the photo will be uploaded and repaired automatically. You can leave the page open and finish your stuff during the process.

click start repairing

Step 3. When the repair is over, you will receive an email sent by EaseUS. Copy and paste the photo extraction code and go back to the EaseUS Online Photo Repair page. Click "Download Photo" and enter the code. Click "OK" to save your photo to a safe location.

tyep the code to download

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Method 3. Use System File Checker to Repair Corrupted PNG Files

Another best method to mend corrupted PNG file formats is to use the System File Checker option, an inbuilt utility in the Windows PC. Therefore, if you're using a Windows system, you may try this solution. These are the steps to follow:

Step 1. Type the "Run" command in the search bar, select "Command Prompt", and hit the "Enter" key.

run command prompt

Step 2. Now, in the Command Prompt windows, type the command sfc/scannow and hit the "Enter" button.

This will meticulously verify the whole system for damaged PNG files, and in case any such files exist, then you have to restart the system, and try to access the PNG images again.


From the above, it is evident that there are a lot of potential reasons for images on an SD card to be misplaced, corrupted, or rendered unreadable. An SD card is anticipated to continue serving you only for two or three years, yet there is no assurance. Some vendors have stated that an SD card can operate for up to five years unless problems develop.

With the help of the picture above repair software, such as EaseUS Fixo Photo Repair, you may be able to save or repair any lost or unreadable photos if you have experienced issues with your SD card. So, download this professional photo repair tool now!

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Repair Corrupted PNG Files from an SD Card FAQs

These are the best FAQs to consider to comprehend the topic better:

1. Can you uncorrupt a PNG file?

System File Checker is one of the best-inbuilt utilities in MS Windows, allowing users to retrieve any corrupted files in the Windows system. Hence, this is the best way to uncorrupt a PNG file.

2. Can I fix the corrupted files on an SD card for free?

You can employ the EaseUS Fixo Photo Repair tool to repair corrupt PNG file formats on the SD card. This software is capable of fixing the most corrupted pictures from the SD card. Or you can go to the free online web page of this powerful tool and repair your corrupted images with just a click!

3. How do I fix corrupted pictures on my SD card?

One of the best ways to fix damaged images on your SD card is to convert a PNG file to another image format. In that case, several tools are available online at free of cost. However, all you need to do is to ensure that you search for the best one to conduct this thing. Once done, check if the image can be accessed.

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