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Fast and Reliable to Care Your Data

Technical Support Policy

Fast and Reliable to care your data!

This is not only a simple and literal slogan of EaseUS Technical Support, but also the philosophy to encourage us to devote ourselves to providing the highest level of the customer care in helping our clients to protect their valuable data with EaseUS software and professional solutions.

To better achieve this constant goal, we guarantee that:

Our support is always fast and reliable, ensuring our customers could get their problems resolved timely and accurately no matter where and when they are.

Our support is in-dept customized based on every customer’s situation and their individual requirements, whether you are an experienced engineer looking for a competitive solution for your company, or a not-that-experienced home user seeking for a step by step guide of our software, we bring the appropriate expertise and the most proper way to deliver our professional assistance.

Our support is open communication. Any suggestion from our customers is welcome and much appreciated. We are passionate in improving our professional knowledge and service level.

Why You Should Read This

It is highly recommend to read this page before you contact our Technical Support. This page is intended to provide you a detailed introduction of EaseUS Customer Care options and with the information of how to access EaseUS Technical Support resources.

What We Offer

EaseUS provides service to ten millions of users all over the world. To ensure every customer who is in need of assistance could receive a appropriate support, we provide a range of support offerings.

You will notice which level of support offering you are able to receive by accessing to our Customer Center. Therefore, we recommend you to register all the products you purchase in our Customer Center.

Self Service Options

Online Manuals

All our software include an online manual with a step by step guide to introduce the main features of these programs. All customers could have unlimited access to these user guides.

Knowledge Base

When using our programs, it is highly recommended to access to EaseUS Knowledge Base, which is an online documentation center where you could find all publicly available information on our products.

A quick search by using some keywords on our knowledge base might help you better understand our programs and get your problems resolved in couple of minutes.

All users are free to visit EaseUS Knowledge Base.

Share your experiences and information with other EaseUS products users all over the world in here. Our technical engineers review all the posts every day and are glad to answer all the questions relate to our products.

Contact Us for Further Assistance

We provide you email, LiveChat, telephone and remote assistance (based on which level of the support offering you could receive) in case you’ve not found information related to the problems you have encountered. Click to see EaseUS Customer Service Privacy Statement.

Email Support

You can send your email to the following email address to receive the professional assistance from our technical support:

[email protected] or [email protected] for data recovery series products.
[email protected]  for partition management and backup series products.
[email protected] or [email protected] for pre-sales inquiry including price, tax-related and account questions.

After writing to any of the above email addresses, please double check they are not in your spam list to ensure a reply can be properly received.

Response Time - The email support is available for 24x7. We guarantee to reply your email in 48 hours for the Free Users, 20 hours for the Standard and Corporation Users and 5 hours for Advanced Corporation Users (the waiting time might be extended to 10 hours during weekend).

Within this term you will be contacted by one of our technical support engineers with a solution for your issue or possibly with a request to clarity details to analyze your issue.


Access to our LiveChat to receive instant support. Our Technical LiveChat is available for 8x5 (from 9:00 to 17:30 UCT+8 Monday through Friday). If it is not available when you request a LiveChat support, please send us an offline message and you will be contacted by one of our technical support engineers within couple of hours.

Please understand if your problem is too complicated and requires some time for our engineers to analyze, you might not be able to receive a proper solution instantly. In such case we will email you later and you will always have priority over other customers once we find out a solution for your problem.

LiveChat support is available for Standard, Corporation and Advanced Corporation Users.

Contacting EaseUS Support by Phone

We offer free800 number for North American users and Skype call for users from other countries. The phone support is available for 8x5 (from 9:00 to 17:30 UCT+8 Monday through Friday), and all Corporation and Advanced Corporation Users are entitled to receive this support without additional charge.

When contacting us via telephone, please describe your problem in an accurate and detailed manner so that our support could assist you in the shortest possible time.

If you require a telephone support out of our business time, our support will ask you a number and we will try our best to meet your requirements at your most convenient time.

For a Corporation User or Advanced Corporation User, you will be able to see the 800 number or Skype account in Support page after you login our customer center.

Remote Assistance

Remote Assistance is a recommended support offering for Corporation and Advanced Corporation Users when the problems to be resolved is complicated. Our professional support will ask you for your permission and connect to your machines to take care of all your problems.

We guarantee this is a completely safe option and our engineers will not do any other operations other than help you resolve your problems in our programs.
. The remote assistance time could be discussed and well arranged at your most convenient time.

Dedicated Support Engineer

EaseUS Technical Support always minimizes effort, saves your time and resources plus
increases efficiency at the same time.

All Advanced Corporation Users will receive a VIP email address, dedicated support engineers will be responsible for direct assistance and guidance through all support related issues. A Support Supervisor will track the progress of your inquiry and as needed engage all appropriate specialists, making sure that your requirements are being met in a timely manner.

Email, LiveChat, telephone and remote assistance are possibly all involved in this service.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

The services we offer and the services we will offer in the future are based largely on feedback from you. Your satisfaction with our services is the only way we measure our success.

Therefore, you could leave a comment on our website and forum or send your feedback to [email protected] Any suggestions from you are welcome and greatly appreciated.


This page has been created for your convenience. Nothing in this document conveys a contractual right to you, or a commitment from EaseUS Software Company. EaseUS reserves the right to make changes and amendments to this document and change support policies referenced here at its discretion.