Recovered Photos from SD Card Are Inaccessible, How to Repair

So I've been utilizing my SD card in my Android phone as internal storage. My phone broke, and I had to reset it to factory settings. I connected the SD straight to my PC and used several recovery applications to resolve this. However, the end result is.ppm files that are all the same size! How can I repair my photos on the SD card?

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Dany· Answered on Oct 18, 2023

You may manually change the extension on one of them to .jpg or .png and see what happens. If the trick doesn't work, you should consider file repair for the photos on the corrupted SD card. So, try to transfer other unimportant objects or even eliminate unneeded applications to fix the issue of inaccessible images.

As for the file names that have been changed and the extensions are inaccessible, your SD card is probably corrupted due to the file system's messing up - The file system contains critical information and data about all SD card file types. Specific file system structures point to other file system structures and data. Simply put, a directory points to a random location on the disk rather than the next, which breaks the structure.

Regardless, you may still encounter problems with the SD card's file system, which may become corrupt. If this is the case, you will be unable to access the card's data, including any images. You could try image repair from the SD card in this situation. If you can retrieve your images off the card with photo repair software, you should reformat it before using it again or buying a new one.

Unlike recovering damaged images from an SD card, recovering corrupted images from an SD card necessitates data recovery software. If your SD card is not dead, you can use the suggested remedies to recover photos from it and repair the corrupted device.

You can use the SD card data recovery program EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac to retrieve data from an inaccessible SD card. It will assist you in recovering photos and other files from a corrupted SD card that has become inaccessible.

Thus, download and install EaseUS SD card recovery software on your computer to recover photos from a corrupted SD card. Then, to complete the recovery process, refer to the instructions below. It does not require technical or professional understanding, merely a few simple clicks.

Use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to recover deleted or lost files easily and quickly.

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