SD Card Files Recovery After Mac Crashing

My Mac crashed when I was working on my photos in Lightroom. When I insert my memory card, an error message appears, stating that my computer cannot read the card and should be formatted. But I can't afford to lose all of my files on it... What should I do? I tried Recuva, but it doesn't work on my Mac. Please assist me.

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Dany· Answered on Dec 29, 2022

You will lose your files if you follow Mac's formatting instructions. Too many resource-intensive tasks, a software malfunction, or other problems with your Mac may cause it to crash and restart. Formatting means deleting all data on the SD card. As a result, when you format an SD card, you wipe all previously stored data and build a new file system on the card. The data on the SD card is no longer accessible since you erased it after formatting it. However, data recovery software can be used to recover formatted SD cards on Mac.

Because only the file names and properties are deleted when your files are removed from an SD card, your photographs, videos, and audio data stay on the memory card until they are overwritten. Only a professional SD card data recovery program can help you restore them.

If your Mac crashes while working on your photos, you may lose your files or saved data. Worse, you cannot restart your Mac after numerous crashes. So your Mac popped the error message to protect your data on the SD card by formatting it. Fortunately, you may recover deleted files on Mac using an advanced and effective data recovery software called EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac.

To get the data back using the software:

  • Download the program and connect the SD card to your Mac.
  • Simply check the protected files section in the interface.
  • Choose from the list, and recover.

The software can recover data from a dead MacBook or a malfunction, restore lost or deleted files if your macOS has crashed or your SD card becomes corrupted, repair images or corrupted movies, and much more.

Besides recovering files from an SD card, it can also recover Trash on Mac from a crashed operating system or an infected computer. In addition, if your Mac entirely fails to start, you can use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to create a WinPE bootable drive.

Use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to recover deleted or lost files easily and quickly.

Tutorials on how to recover lost, deleted, or formatted data from HDD, SSD, USB, SD card, or other storage media on Windows and Mac.

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