How to Recover Files on SD Card from Camera

My camera was taken yesterday, and I am distraught because it contains thousands of photographs. I plugged my camera's SD card into my computer a few days ago to view my images, but I didn't save them; they remained on my camera. Is there any way that when I inserted my SD card into my laptop, the photographs were somehow saved, and I might now recover them?

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Dany· Answered on Dec 23, 2022

It appears that you did not copy them from the SD card to the camera, and Windows Live Photo Gallery does not keep backups of photographs viewed in it. Unfortunately, there is no way to recover the images without the SD card unless you have edited any of them. The edited ones appear to be backed up in the original file in the program's AppData. You need robust data recovery software to recover lost AppData files in Windows. Or you can look in your transient folder, just in case.

Thus, depending on the program you used to open the images, it may offer a temporary backup function. However, if you have closed your PC between now and then, things become more difficult because temporary files have most certainly been removed.

Some applications can recover deleted files. However, even if you could, they would certainly have artifacts or other visual defects because the files may have been partially written over. As we mentioned, go and find the folders in your AppData. If you can't find the photo files in the Appdata folder or other transient backup folders, you may fail to recover all of your photo files.

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