Which Partitioning Method Must Be Used for Partitioning a 4 TB Hard Drive

I have a 4 TB hard drive that is not partitioned yet. Can I partition a 4 TB disk on my own? And which partitioning method must be used for partitioning a 4 TB hard drive? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Roxanne· Answered on Jan 05, 2024

Are you seeking a solid way to partition a 4 TB hard drive? I have collected two useful methods to assist you in partitioning a 4 TB hard drive on this page. One is the Windows built-in utility that offers a practical disk partition solution. However, you can only create one partition at once with this tool.

Instead, the professional disk partition manager, EaseUS Partition Master, can allow you to make partitions as much as you want simultaneously. Read on if you want to learn more details about these two reliable solutions.

For Beginners: EaseUS Partition Master

To Many users, especially computer beginners, EaseUS Partition Master is more operable than Disk Management since it has a clear interface and easy-to-use tools. With its "New Disk Guide" feature, you can split a 4 TB hard drive into several partitions smoothly and effectively in one click. Below is the full guide on how to use it:

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Step 1. Download and launch EaseUS Partition Master, connect the new 4 TB hard drive to your computer, and a New Disk Guide window will pop up.

Step 2. Hit "Partition this disk" and input the wanted partition number, size, and style. Select "Proceed" to apply the changes.

Step 3. Tap "Execute 1 Task" and click "Apply" to confirm.

For Experienced Users: Disk Management

If you are ready for a long-time disk partition process, you can refer to the following steps to partition your 4 TB hard drive with Disk Management:

Step 1. Press "Windows + X" to open Disk Management and navigate to the target 4 TB hard drive.

Step 2. Right-click on the unallocated space on your hard disk, and then select "New Simple Volume."

Step 3. Set the partition size, drive letter, and file system as you wish, or you can confirm the default prosperity. Hit "Enter" after each move.

Step 4. Click "Finish" to complete the process.

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