Unable to Create Partitions Because the Disk Already Contains the Maximum Numbers of Partitions

When I try to create a new partition on my MBR drive with four primary partitions, I get the error message: You cannot create a new volume in this unallocated space because the disk already contains the maximum number of partitions. How can I fix it? Or is there any way to create partitions without caring about the error?

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Roxanne· Answered on Aug 09, 2023

You cannot create a 5th primary partition because an MBR has a limited maximum primary partition of 4. However, you can have three primary partitions and one extended partition. The extended partition doesn't store data but can hold many logical partitions. Hence, you can fix unable to create partitions problem by changing one of the existing primary partitions into an extended partition. 

If you want to create more than four partitions, follow this article and learn the complete instructions for converting the primary partition to a logical one. With the help of EaseUS Partition Master, you can convert the primary partition into a logical partition without losing data. In addition, this third-party tool can also help you manage all the partitions in advanced ways.

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Now download this tool on your computer and follow the detailed guide below:

Note: Verify the status of your backups. Backups are necessary unless there is no critical data on your drive.

Step 1. Enter EaseUS Partition Master and open the "Partition Manager" section.

Step 2. Right-click the target primary partition and choose "Advanced" to click the convert option: Primary to Logical.

Step 3. Click the "Execute 1 Task" and "Apply" options to start the conversion. 

Now you can create new partitions as follows:

  • Right-click the unallocated space and select "Create."
  • Customize the drive letter, partition label, file system, and other advanced options. Select "OK."
  • Boost the partitioning process by clicking "Execute 1 Task" and "Apply."

If you want to create more than four primary partitions, you need to convert MBR to GPT since a GPT drive can hold 128 primary partitions and unlimited logical partitions. In this case, EaseUS Partition Master will have your back as follows:

Further Information: How to Convert MBR to GPT without Losing Data

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