Should I Partition My SSD When Installing Windows 10

I planned to upgrade my HDD to an SSD, so I bought a 250GB SSD. Now, I want to install a fresh Windows 10 on the SSD. Here's my question: should I partition my SSD when installing Windows 10? If so, is there any easy method for beginners? Thanks in advance!

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Oliver· Answered on Jan 26, 2024

Partitioning the SSD when installing Windows 10 is a good idea because it allows you to better manage your data on different partitions. It can also enhance the performance of the system and offer better protection for your data if the system crashes or some other errors occur.

If you are looking for a reliable and professional tool for disk and partition management, I'd like to recommend EaseUS Partition Master Professional. It has a user-friendly interface and multiple functions that can help you manage partitions and adjust storage space according to your needs.

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Follow the instructions below to partition your new SSD:

Step 1. Install the SSD and power up your computer.

Step 2. Launch EaseUS Partition Master, and a New Disk Guide window will pop up in Partition Manager. Then, click on "Partition this disk."

Step 3. Set how many partitions you want to create and the partition style for the SSD. (You can also accept the default setting.)

Step 4. Then, click "Proceed" > "Execute 1 Task" > "Apply" to start the partitioning process.

If you want to skip the step of reinstalling everything and Windows, the following article will show you how to move them with a few simple clicks.

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