My Laptop is Showing Only C Drive Not Other Drives

Help! The partitions of my laptop were initially present when I brought it. But this morning, they disappeared, and the BIOS is also not showing those drives. I can only see the C drive and System reserved drive. The issue occurred suddenly. Can someone help me with this problem? Appreciate any help!

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Oliver· Answered on Apr 18, 2024

You can fix the issue that your laptop shows only the C drive via EaseUS Partition Master.

If partitions like the D drive or E drive on your laptop go missing, and you can not find them even in BIOS, it might be caused by many issues, such as:

  • Accidental deletion
  • Damaged Partition Table
  • Invalid Partition Configuration
  • Virus Attack
  • Lack of Drive Letter
  • Other Uncertain Problems

But don't worry. A reliable tool, EaseUS Partition Master Professional, can get your missing partitions back.

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The Partition Recovery feature can scan your disk and find your missing or deleted partitions. I'll show you how to recover the lost partitions below.

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Partition Master and go to "Partition Recovery."

Step 2. Select the target disk with missing partitions and hit "New Scan." You can then click "Full Scan" for deeper scan.

Step 3. After scanning, the missing partitions will be marked as "lost." Select your lost partitions and hit "Recover" to bring them back.

Step 4. Once the partition recovery process is finished, click "Done."

After this, your laptop should be able to show all the drives as usual.

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