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I set up the raid using HP mart Start 8.7 on our HP DL380 G7 computer. I selected Raid 5. I installed Windows 2016 Server, but it indicates that 6TB of disk space is allocated even though the OS is only installed on 2TB. How can I arrange things such that I may use the extra room for storage?

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Cici· Answered on Jul 31, 2023

To take full advantage of an 8TB drive, we need to beware of the limitations of the two partition styles in Windows Server before we begin:

  • MBR only allows drives up to 2TB and four primary partitions.
  • GPT has no maximum partition size limit and can create up to 128 primary partitions.

For more differences between MBR and GPT, please click on the link to learn how to choose it:

Further Reading: MBR VS GPT | What's the Difference and Which Is Better

Then, you can refer to the following recommendations to set up a new server with 8TB drives.

1. Boot the machine to the offline array configuration utility for more options.

2. Create the array. It is recommended that you do not use RAID 5 with spinning disks, instead, try RAID 10.

3. Create two different virtual disks for the operating system and storage.

4. Mark the created 200GB virtual drive as bootable.

5. Install Windows Server.

6. Convert the MBR disk to GPT.

Everything can be configured in Windows Server. Besides, use EaseUS Partition Master Server to create a bootable USB or convert MBR to GPT. For detailed steps, please click the following button:

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