How Do I Know If My Hard Drive Has Bad Sectors?

Hello! My hard drive has been used for a few years, and its performance is not as excellent as it used to be. I've read about bad sectors on disks and wonder if this also occurs on my disk. Can you tell me how to know if my hard drive has bad sectors? Thanks!

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Oliver· Answered on Apr 19, 2024

Partition Properties is a way to check the hard drive for bad sectors on your hard drive. You can follow the steps below:

Step 1. Open "This PC," right-click on the target drive, and choose "Properties."

Step 2. Go to the "Tools" tab and hit "Check" to scan the drive for file system errors.

Step 3. If there are bad sectors on the drive, you will get a prompt telling you to repair the errors.

Sometimes, the disk speed slows down, and the performance becomes not as good as usual could be caused by other factors. Thus, a free hard disk health check software is needed for in-depth diagnosis.

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One of the most reputed is EaseUS Partition Master, which offers comprehensive features for disk and partition management. It allows users to check HDD/SSD health for free and is able to detect and repair errors on the drive automatically.

You can go to the following page to learn more details on checking the health of your hard drive.

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