How Many SSDs Can a PC Have - Any Suggestions?

I was checking all my games, and I realized that I needed more storage. I had already chosen the 1TB Kingston HDD as my only storage. I needed more, so I was looking for a 2TB drive and came across multiple options for Solid State Drives, which I learned are better for gaming. I was wondering how many SSDs a PC can have. Can I use more than one SSD? Can I transfer my OS to the new SSD? How can I do this? Please help me.

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Cici· Answered on Jul 01, 2024

Hi, it is a good choice to replace your HDD with the new SSD, and you can have more than one SSD on your PC. Having multiple SSDs can make your computer run faster and increase storage capacity. The number of SSDs that can be inserted into your PC depends on several factors:

  • The motherboard's specification: Check the motherboard to see if it supports multiple SSDs. If there are extra SATA or NVMe ports.
  • The available SATA ports: Check how many SATA slots you have. Normally, there will be 4 or 6 slots, which means you can have 4-6 hard drives on your computer.
  • PSU (Power Supply Unit): You have to meet the power requirements when you install additional hard drives to your PC.

You can also transfer your OS to the new SSD. This can be tricky, but I know an easier way to do so. I recommend EaseUS Partition Master Professional for you to avoid errors and save time. You don't have to reinstall the Operating System, and your games are stored on your original C drive. The tool can help you clone them from your Kingston HDD to the new SSD. More importantly, it will reduce the potential for data loss and ensure data security.

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You can follow the steps below:

Note: Before you start, remember to install the new SSD to your computer and initialize it to the same disk type as the OS drive.

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Partition Master. Select the "Disk Clone" section.

Step 2. Select "Migrate OS".

Step 3. Select your target SSD and click "Next".

Step 4. Click "Yes" when the warning message pops up. Then, click "Start" to proceed.

Step 5. After this, click "Reboot Now" or "Done" to determine if you want to reboot the computer from your new SSD right now.

You can have multiple SSDs on your PC based on your slots and other factors. Also, if you want to migrate your OS and the games stored on your C drive, using EaseUS Partition Master can be safer and easier. 

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